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10 Simple Customer Retention Tactics Using Paid Ads

10 Simple Tactics to Retain Customers Using Adwords and Facebook Ads Let's see how you can use advertising to retain your existing customers so that you can increase ROI as well as lifetime value of customers... Hoading page 1. Launch Strategy 6. Dynamic Remarketing It is easier to sell new product to your existing customers, but most often many companies under value the possibility of spreading the word out to existing customers. It takes remarketing a step further. It allows you to create customized ads dynamically that connect with your customer by reminding them of items they've previously seen or bought. Use Remarketing: Traditional remarketing vs. dynamic remarketing: Remarketing helps you to display ads with your existing and potential customers who have visited your website or used your mobile app earlier. In traditional remarketing, AdWords pick one of your remarketing lists and display ads to the users based on the ad groups that you created manually whereas in dynamiC remarketing, AdWords displays the most relevant products from your Merchant Center feed based on the exact 2. Seasonal Offers products your users already saw on your website. 7. Increase Avg Order Value 20 2014 How would you generate more revenue from your online business? According to, retail e-commerce sales figures are exponentially growing each year in the US during the holiday shopping season. Strategies to increase: Instead of promoting single product, you can try advertising bulk products to your existing customers., found an increase in average order value by 18.94% by selling products in bulk. 3. Customized Offers SALE 30% 8. Build Fanbase BIG SALE Forrester Research has found that Facebook fans of Best Buy are twice more likely to purchase or recommend one of its products than its non-fans. Ex: used to provide special 75% discount to a customer who is cancelling their hosting account. Another example- encourages the users to relist the domain name for free if they've not successfully sold it out at first attempt. Best Buy 79% 78% 74% 47% _41% 38% Use Facebook Custom Audiences: Purchase in past 12 months Likely consider Likely recommend Non-Facebook fan of the brand Facebook fan of the brand --Total US online adults Facebook Custom Audiences ads let you to upload lists of customer email addresses or phone numbers, and allow you to display ad specifically for such users. Define target market: Before advertising on Facebook to grow your fan base, make sure you define your target market properly. 4. Cross Sell Not all 1.2 billion Facebook users are meant to be your potential customers. ModCloth Brunch Beautiful Dress $64.99 9. Facebook Exchange SHOP NOW Facebook exchange (FBX) is remarketing tool of Facebook which lets you to target people based on the website they visit. Segment your prospects for cross selling: Create a re-marketing list of people who have already purchased your products. Once a user purchased a product, target them for next 180 days because those recent buyers still have you at the top of their minds. Leverage Facebook Ads API: According to a study conducted by Nanigans, when combined with Facebook Ads API, FBX ads result in 89 percent more sales. 5. Reduce Abandonment 10. Promoted Posts Re-targeting users who visited your website previously can be a great idea to sell more products. Recently, Facebook has decreased the organic reach for pages. So chances are; your fans won't be seeing your Facebook posts regularly as they used to be. Create Customized Ads: Use Promoted Posts: The main reasons of shopping carts abandonments are either price issue or customers were not ready to purchase. So creating customized ads by addressing these issues will help you increase the sales. Promoted post is an easy way to reach your audience and their friends. It is one of the best ways to spread the word about your new launches and events to your loyal fan base. simpl;learn © 2009- 2015. Simplilearn solutions. All Rights Reserved

10 Simple Customer Retention Tactics Using Paid Ads

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Advertising is the easiest way to acquire new customers for your business. Unlike other marketing tactics, online advertising allows you to effectively measure your marketing strategies and conversion rates.


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