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Cell Phone Radiation: More Dangerous Than You Think

CELL PHONE RADIATION : More Dangerous Than You Think Although it's almost expected that everybody owns a cell phone, many people are unaware of the radiation levels that they are exposed to during cell phone usage. After a little bit of research, here are findings on cell phone radiation and how it affects you. 302 million In 2010, over Americans owned a cell phone. That's over 90% of the population! With the mass usage of cell phones, concern has grown over the safety of cell phone radiation exposure. How Cell Phones Create Radiation Cell phones convert sound into encoded sine waves... The encoded sine waves are turned into radio signals which, is created in the transmitter in through Jaunched is turn, antenna the Electromagnetic radiation is made up of waves and magnetic energy moving at the speed of light. It is emitted by all cell phones in varying amounts. electric Popular Cell Phones And Their Radiation Levels 1.6 Maximum amount of radiation allowed per phone by the FCC watts per kilogram 1.6 Watts/Kilogram 1.55 1.58 1.43 1.40 1.19 1.19 1.03 57 .35 Health Risks Potentially Associated With Radiation Exposure* Headaches Brain Tumors Fatigue Alzheimer's Cancer Parkinson's How To Reduce Your Exposure Pick up some milk too plz. thx! --- ---- ... --------- -- Use a speakerphone, headset, or earpiece. Consider texting instead of talking. Try to limit the number of calls inside of buildings. Research and consider low radiation phones. *Claims have not been proven true or false by scientific studies. Cheap Saliy .com Sources: | | | Apple iPhone 4 Apple iPhone 3GS --- -- made up of electromagnetic radiation. The radiation Blackberry Bold 9700 Blackberry HTC Droid Incredible HTC myTouch 4G 8 LG Quantum Motorola Droid 2 Motorola Droid X Bunswps Captivate

Cell Phone Radiation: More Dangerous Than You Think

shared by Veronica on Jul 20
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Explores how cell phones create radiation and how humans can become affected by it.


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