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BYTESSIZED Analogue, digital, organic - sizing up storage capacities DIGITAL ANALOGUE ORGANIC MEGABYTES 1 MEGABYTE - APPROXIMATELY 1.000 KILOBYTES (ACTUALLY 1,024 KB) 0.004MB Apple I RAM in Apple's 0.004 Oyster card London public transport first computer, 1976 0.02 Punched 0.02 paper tape largest feasible reel 0.02 Tandy 200 computer Word document amount of RAM, 1984 0.7 Audio cassette single page 90 min 1.5 ebook 3.5" Floppy disk 2.5 War & Peace average size Kindle ebook William Shakespeare complete works Blu-Ray 1 sec at HDTV quality 256MB Kindle first generation 10,000 pages of text about 20 novels 66 Mosquito genome DNA for malaria mosquito CHANGE OF SCALE 10:1 GIGABYTES 1 GIGABYTE - APPROXIMATELY 1,000 MEGABYTES (ACTUALLY 1,024 MB) 0.25GB Kindle first generation Broadcast Yourself 0.47GB Large Hadron Collider 0.48 YouTube 0.51 Raspberry Pi video uploaded per sec, 2012 Model B 0.54 Blu-ray 1 min at HDTV quality data produced per sec 0.7 CD 0.76 Single human sperm 0.76 Single human egg 80 mins all DNA all DNA 0.07 coding DNA only MiniDisc 45 hrs of music 1.5 Human body cell 32GB iPhone 5 all DNA Kindle Paperwhite total storage total storage CHANGE OF SCALE 10:1 Geehook 3GB Facebook photos and videos stored per sec, 2012 32GB iPhone 5 total storage Kindle Touch 4k digital cinema 2.3 1 min normal 4.6 frame rate 1 min high frame rate Wikipedia all current articles without edit history 8.5 DVD dual-layer 20 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Sroadat complete works as MP3 29.2 YouTube 28.5 Large Hadron Collider video uploaded per min, 2012 26.4 Mad Men data produced per min one episode 128 Blu-ray max disc capacity 1,760GB Human sperm DNA created per man, per sec 343 Eggs per woman at birth - about 450 778 The Hobbit 4K digital cinema high frame rate DIGITAL ANALOGUE ORGANIC CHANGE OF SCALE 10:1 TERABYTES 1 TERABYTE - APPROXIMATELY 1,000,000 MEGABYTES (ACTUALLY 1.048,576 MB) 1.8TB Human sperm DNA created per man, per sec 1 тв Average modern hard disk 1 million novels 500 million pages of text 1.3 Human brain functional memory capacity facebook single DNA sequencing run data from end-to-end 7.3 Wikipedia human DNA sequencing all current articles with edit history Internet traffic LIBRARY OF CONGRESS 6.3 0.18 11 per min per hr per sec, 2012 10 US Library of Congress 12 for all of 1990 274TB Facebook printed collection photos and videos stored per day, 2012 CHANGE OF SCA LE 10:1 amazoncom 274TB Facebook photos and videos stored per day, 2012 42TB database 47 Human ear DNA in audio hair cells 120 Internet traffic for all of 1993 304 Human eye Google light receptors per sq mm 651 www Eagle's eye light receptors 900 Mobile internet per sq mm traffic per month, 2005 20,000TB Google data processed per day 2008 1.800 Emails sent globally 2,000 All US academic research libraries per day, 2002 printed collection 2,220 Synthetic DNA data storage capacity 1 gram DIGITAL ANALOGUE CRGANIC CHANGE OF SCALE PETABYTES 10:1 Google 1 PETABYTE - APPROXIMATELY 1,000,000,0O0 MEGABYTES (ACTUALLY 1.073,741,824 MB) 20PB Google data processed per day 2008 3.5PB Radio programming globally 2002 World's largest climate data archive 15 Large Hadron Collider NOAA National Climatic 16 including repeats Data Center data produced per year You Tube aadcast ouset 22.8 Internet traffic 15.4 YouTube 40 Titan supercomputer storage capacity video uploaded in 2012 for all of 1996 45.7 Human nose 47.4 Telephone calls smell receptor neurons globally per day, 2002 70 TV programming globally 2002 facebook 2,400PB Human skin cells shed in a month 100 Facebook 152 Human sperm 211 Human male ejaculation photos and videos created per man, per day stored in 2012 DIGITAL ANALOGUE ORGANIC CHANGE OF SCALE 10:1 EXABYTES 1 EXABYTE - APPROXIMATELY 1,000,000,000,000 MEGABYTES [ACTUALLY 1,099,511,627,776 MB) 2.4EB human skin cells shed in a month 0.2EB Human eye light receptors in retina 0.2 All printed material on Earth 0.27 TV programming www globally including repeats, 2002 0.59 Mobile internet Internet traffic traffic per month, 2011 0.5 per day 0.66 Emails sent 2012 1.5 Dog's nose smell receptor neurons globally 2002 per month, 2004 4.9 17.3 Telephone calls globally for all of 2002 for all of 2002 330EB Internet traffic for all of 2011 56 Human sperm created per man, per year DIGITAL ANALOGUE ORGANIC CHANGE OF SCALE 10:1 ZETTABYTES 1 ZETTABYTE = APPROXIMATELY 1,000,000,000,000,000 MEGABYTES (ACTUALLY 1,125,899,906,842,620 MB) YouTube 0.3ZB Internet traffic Broadcast Yourself for all of 2011 0.01ZB YouTube hours watched for all of 2012 0.1 for all of 2008 0.02 for all of 2005 0.05 Neurons in human brain 00011100111 0010110011 All global data 01000 10 001010101 11101101 1010 011110111 011110111 100000 01110 01110 010 0101100 1011 30ZB All global data 2019 (predicted) 0.5 0.8 1.2 1.8 2.8 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 CHANGE OF SCALE 1000:1 YOTTABYTES 1 YOTTABYTE - APPROXIMATELY 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 MEGABYTES (ACTUALLY 1,152.921,504,606.850,000 MB) 0.03YB All global data 2019 (predicted) hello THej k 0.04 All words ever spoken digitized as 16 kHz 16-bit audio 0.09 All cells in human body duplicated genetic information 10.000 All microbes on Earth unique genetic information NOTES Figures are based on decimal not binary file sizes. So1 megabyte =1,000 kilobytes, not 1,024 kilobytes. BBC By Information is Beautiful Studio for FUTURE Most organic figures refer to genetic data and are based on multiplying DNA in single cell by number of cells. DNA in two cells is therefore counted twice, though cells within an organism are genetically exact or near-exact copies of one another. Executive Creative Direc tor David McCandless Creative Director Duncan Swain Design Matt McLean Research Miriam Quick, Christian Miles D00000

Bytes Sized

shared by David on Jun 24
We are living in the information age. The amount of information stored, transfered, and processed is growing at a staggering rate. From the common megabyte to the mind-boggling yottabyte, this infogra...


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