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The Evolution of File Storage

PHYSICAL STORAGE VS. DIGITAL STORAGE Recording information is an inherent part of our humanity. As we evolve, we create more efficient means of storing this information. Since the creation of computers, we have greatly increased our ability to store and access large quantities of information. Take the storage of music, for example. 12" 10" 4TM 4.7" ДИ 2 MINUTES 6 MINUTES WAX CYLINDER 10" RECORD 1880s 1910s 44 MINUTES 46 MINUTES 12" RECORD 8-TRACK TAPE 1930s 1960s 60-90 MINUTES 80 MINUTES .. 19705 CASSETTE TAPE COMPACT DISC 1980s Compare that with modern digital storage. 60 MINUTES 1 HOUR First-generation 5GB iPod 12" RECORD x 159 In 2001 Apple introduced the 5GB iPod. It held 117 HOURS of sound. CASSETTE TAPE x 117 COMPACT DISC x 87.5 The current iPod can hold the same amount as 24 first-generation iPods. 120GB iPod Classic The iPod can hold 83.3 days worth of audio. 12" RECORD x 2727 COMPACT DISC CASSETTE TAPE х 2000 х 1500 What about movies? We are beginning to move into an age where any movie or TV show we wish to watch is accessible online. Large VHS or DVD collections are no longer necessary as more entertainment is at our fingertips. We are also abandoning traditional rental services in favor of services, like Hulu and Netflix, that offer streaming content on the web. 50 Company Stock Price 40 VHS 3,5 HOURS NETFLIX O 30 20 4 HOURS DVD 10 BLOCKBUSTER• 2005 2009 IF YOU TAPED EVERY MOVIE ON HULU BACK TO BACK ON VHS TAPES YOU'D NEED 259 TAPES THERE ARE 20 HOURS OF VIDEO UPLOADED ON YOUTUBE EVERY MINUTE THAT'S 343 TAPES UPLOADED EVERY HOUR B00888888688868I B0ECBCEC88888880BEB08800E 18888888 What about storing photos? TAKE A TYPICAL PHOTO ALBUM 50 PAGES, 2 PHOTOS A PAGE EVERY HOUR 384 ALBUMS OF PHOTOS ARE UPLOADED ON FLICKR PHOTO ALBUM BURNED DVD THERE ARE 10 BILLION PHOTOS ON FACEBOOK х 10,000,000 223,101 Even the everyday consumer has ready access to a staggering amount of storage. The newest entry-level MacBook Pro can hold: 100,701 PHOTOS AND 13,644 SONGS AND 35.5 MOVIES VHS TAPE х 20 CASSETTE TAPE PHOTO ALBUM x 909 x 1,007 THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS HAS 32 MILLION BOOKS ON 650 MILES OF BOOKSHELVES CHARLOTTE, NC 650 miles NEW ORLEANS, LA MOZY STORES THE EQUIVALENT OF 1000 LIBRARIES OF CONGRESS If that data was on bookshelves it would reach: JERUSALEM WASHINGTON, D.C. TOKYO SAN FRANCISCO NEW YORK TO TO то TO TO BEIJING ATHENS ROME CAIRO SYDNEY 147 126 106 87 65 TIMES TIMES TIMES TIMES TIMES

The Evolution of File Storage

shared by rmmojado on Jan 30
The illustration focuses heavily on how as storage devices have reduced in size, the actual amount of information that they can store has increased in size. For example, a large wax cylinder from the ...


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