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The Buzz Surrounding iPhone Upgrade & Resale Online

THE BUZZ Surrounding İPHONE UPGRADE & RESALE ONLINE 9:41 AM 9 Messages Calendar Photos Camera Weather Clock Maps Videos App Shore Semings Phone Music 8 YEARS OF THE IPHONE Happy 8th Birthday iPhone! When Apple released its iPhone on the world back on the 29th June 2007, they probably had no idea quite how much of an impact they would have on the world. 8 years later, we're here to celebrate their success, and to take a look at how the iPhone resale market has changed over time. SPIKES IN IPHONE RESALE SEARCH TRENDS 2007 - 2015 - APPLE RESALE INTEREST PARTICULARLY PEAKED ON THE IPHONE 5 RELEASE DAY IN 2012 iPhone 5 Release iPhone 6 /6 Plus 100 Release iPhone 5S / 5C 80 Release iPhone 4S Release 60 iPhone 4 Release 40 iPhone 3 iPhone 36S Release Release 20 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 I Google relative iPhone trade-in searches Google relative Galaxy trade-in searches iPhone interest over time This graph shows the relative number of 'iPhone' searches on Google since 2007 - with inquiries peaking more with each iPhone release. The red line represents Samsung. WHAT DOES THIS DO TO THE DEVICES' RESALE PRICE? 2015 - APPLES IPHONE 6 RELEASE LARGELY IMPACTED EXISTING IPHONE RESALE PRICES IPHONE 5C 8GB DEPRECIATION IPHONE 4 8GB DEPRECIATION IPHONE 4 16GB DEPRECIATION IPHONE 4 32GB DEPRECIATION IPHONE 5 32GB DEPRECIATION -19.47% -19.23% -19.75% -18.60% -12.30% iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus launch This data shows how much value the above devices lost within 2 weeks of the iPhone 6 launch. Sudden increase in trade-in volumes after a new release causes rapid price depreciation. İPHONE 6 UPGRADE SURVEY Are consumers switching brands to upgrade? Trade-in website survey results showed 21.94% of all users on the sites are upgrading to the iPhone 6 Respondents: - Results from CompareMyMobile & GadgetValuer - US and UK survey participants when trading in their old device. - Respondents can trade-in 3000+ phones - Data collected from April 2015 21.9% 78.6% OF ALL USERS TOLD US OF ALL IPHONE 6 THEY WERE UPGRADING UPGRADERS WERE APPLE USERS TO AN İPHONE 6 Top Devices Being Traded in for Apple's iPhone 6 Since April 2015, 29.5% of all people who told us they're upgrading to the iPhone 6 were trading in the iPhone 5. 9.82% and 8.67% were trading in the iPhone 5S and iPhone 45 respectively, while the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 were the fourth and fifth top traded in for the new device. 29.5% 9.82% 8.67% 6.36% 4.01% TRADE INS TRADE INS TRADE INS TRADE INS TRADE INS SAMSUNG Life companion 12:45 Mon 24 February 12:45 IPHONE 5 IPHONE 5S IPHONE 4S GALAXY S4 GALAXY S5 İPHONE RESALE SHARE iPhone Trade-in Values Over Time Apple is one of the top smartphone brands out there, so it's hardly a surprise that they've been the top traded in brand in the resale market for the last 3 years. Spikes in trade in volumes around the launch of a new device have ensured Apple and Samsung remain as the top traded in brands. 2015 BRAND RESALE SHARE APPLE AND SAMSUNG ARE ALMOST NECK AND NECK AS THE TOP TRADED IN BRANDS 40.1% 100 WHAT DEVICES DROVE THIS? Apple and Samsung devices dominate the top traded in phones list so far in 2015, making up 36.3% 100 SAMSUNG a large percentage of all phone trade-ins. O 6.8% 100 hTC IPHONE 5 16GB 16.21% GALAXY S4 10.15% 6.8% 100 SONY 3 GALAXY S3 8.02% 4. IPHONE 4S 16GB 5.95% 100 3.2% IPHONE 5S 16GB 4.6% NOKIA Connecting People 2014 BRAND RESALE SHARE APPLE IPHONE TRADE-INS CONTINUED TO RISE IN 2014 37.9% 100 WHAT DEVICES DROVE THIS? The iPhone 5 16GB and Samsung Galaxy S3 100 were the top traded-in smartphones of 2014, a list still dominated by Apple and Samsung 34.3% SAMSUNG devices. 7.2% 100 İPHONE 5 16GB 11.91% hTC 2 GALAXY S3 11.06% 6.2% 100 IPHONE 4S 16GB 7.61% SONY GALAXY S4 4.85% 5 GALAXY S2 3.74% 5.7% 100 NOKIA Connecting People 2013 BRAND RESALE SHARE APPLE DEVICES HAVENT ALWAYS MADE UP SUCH LARGE PERCENTAGES OF PHONE TRADE-INS 31.1% 100 WHAT DEVICES DROVE THIS? Although Apple and Samsung device trade-ins still dominated the trade-in sites, they didn't always have such a large phone resale market 22.8% 100 SAMSUNG share. 18% 100 * BlackBerry. IPHONE 4 16GB 9.2% GALAXY S3 6.22% O 9.6% 100 3 GALAXY S2 5.39% NOKIA Connecting People IPHONE 4S 16GB 4.92% 8.8% 100 IPHONE 5 16GB 4.19% hTC COMPARE MY MOBILE .COM INFOGRAPHICS Design by: Ashley Turner Content & Research by: Sami Colenutt Source - Data is collected from over 30 gadget recycling businesses in the UK. has tracked pricing from over 4,000+ phones since 2009 in feeds updated every 15 minutes. Depreciation data calculated from the decrease in each devices top market value Source - Based on worldwide search trends for "sell my iphone"

The Buzz Surrounding iPhone Upgrade & Resale Online

shared by Ashley_Turner on Jul 14
When Apple released the iPhone 8 years ago they probably had no idea quite how much of an impact it would have. We investigated data on user activity in the trade-in market around the release of new i...



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