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The Automated Workplace: Robots on the Rise

THE AUTOMATED WORKPLACE: ROBOTS ON THE RISE With an expected 1.2 million robots in the year 2013, the age of the automated workplace is at our front door. However, these are not the musical-loving, Wall-E robots. These automated machines are coming for our jobs, and WORLDWIDE INDUSTRIAL ROBOTS TOTAL 2013 1,200,000 2009 1,000,000 By 2013 there will be 1.2 million 2005 robots working. That's one robot 932,000 2002 750,000 for every 5,000 people in the world. 1995 605,000 1990 454,000 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 Operational Units in Thousands INDUSTRIAL ROBOT TIMELINE 2029 1993 1956 First industrial robots moved objects from 1963 1969 1980 Future war between humans and robots as predicted in Terminator. Possible doomsday. Standford arm is "The Jetson's" premieres with Rosie invented the robot Robotics industry booms, with a new robot entering the market every month Demeter, first autonomous agriculture robot, operates on GPS one side to another 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2029 ... 1954 1961 First industrial robot goes online at General Motors 1973 1985 2000 First autonomous digging Humanoid robot, Asimo George Devol applies for the first robotics patent University of Edinburgh creates 'Freddy', first assembly robot machine appears factory in New Jersey YEARLY SUPPLY OF INDUSTRIAL ROBOTS TOP COUNTRIES Japan still leads the world in amount of robots shipped, purchased and used in the industrial sector. They will most likely also be the first country to be taken over by rogue autonomous robots. 15,000 3,800 NUMBER = Units shipped to noted country ROBOT DENSITY The numbers of robotic workers are growing. For instance, in Japan for every 1,000 workers there are 34 industrial robots performing a similar task. # INDUSTRIAL ROBOT : # HUMAN WORKER П JAPAN SINGAPORE S. KOREA GERMANY шш SWEDEN II USA II II 1:34 1:59 1:60 1:61 1:79 1:116 TOP 5 COUNTRIES 8. "MANUFACTURING COMPANIES MUST AUTOMATE AND USE ROBOTS TO STAY COMPETITIVE – OR DIE." -WORLD ROBOTICS 2010 REPORT INDUSTRY USE OF ROBOTS BREAKDOWN BY INDUSTRY: 33.1% AUTOMOTIVE 25% MIXTURE OR UNSPECIFIED.. . 9.7% OTHER- 9% PRECISION/OPTICS. .. .g 9% ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS 1.5% FOOD-…. 2.5 % COMMUNICATIONS. ..9.4% CHEMICAL, RUBBER & PLASTIC 3.7% METAL PRODUCTS 4,3% MACHINERY *.... THEY TOOK OUR JOBS! It is estimated that by the year 2025, robots will have taken over nearly one-half of all jobs in the United States. In certain job sectors, robots may even completely re- place human workers. Here are a few industries that would be hit the hardest: AUTOMOTIVE MANUFACTURING FOOD SERVICES 13 MILLION JOBS 22 MILLION JOBS 9 MILLION JOBS LOST TO ROBOTS LOST TO ROBOTS LOST TO ROBOTS FOCUS Sources: World Robotics Report 2010, 2009, 2008 I “Robotic Nation" By Marshall Brain T IEEE SPECTRUM INDUSTRY USE: 000'0L 9,000 000'8 5,500

The Automated Workplace: Robots on the Rise

shared by kevin on Mar 23
This infographic uses interesting statistics to track the rise of the robot in the workplace and forecasts the future of industry ruled by automation.




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