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Anatomy of the Enterprise Technology Decision Maker

AUDIENCE NSIGHT SERIES Anatomy of the Enterprise Technology Decision Maker TIME SEARCH SEARCH FOR PRICING, PEER REVIEWS AND CONTENT Attempted vendor contect EVERY 30 MINUTES Average 56 Hour Week 060% 73% 56% Peer testimonlals/ reviews of a product Pricing Informat on 6 Vendor calls a Day Peertestimonlals/ revlews of a brand/ company of IT 69% Departments 54% 51% spend 1 hour or less with vendors they are not already doing business with 14 Vendor Emails a Day Professloral publcatlors or white papers News or press releases for a brand/company WHEN IT COMES TO 9% ORGANIC SEARCH RESULTS PREFERRED SEARCH, TRUST IN THE SOURCE IS CRITICAL Others Organic Search 14.5% Personal/ 83% more 68% Results 76%say a Professional likely to click on a link from trusted Devolopment 13.2% 20% familiar source increases trust souice Staff Hiring/Mgmt/ Coaching/Development Strategy, Planning and budgeting Paid Search 5% Results Only 16% 23.9% say listing on first page increases trust 19.4% Post-nurchase T duct or Scl.utic- 2elec Activtes 27% Fre-urrese I No Preference ucc Soluron- He steo Activities. INFLUENCE INFORMATION NUMBER OF IT DECISION 7.2 CONTENT HUNGRY INFLUENCERS GROWING Rqkdyhudlj h# Wghf Ivlr qp dnhwf r qvxph 8 pieces of content f thdvngel # ut gehkdot ri#khyhggr ukikhl # hyhqwdab #hdhf w The averagel cacisic.n-raker neece to ooneur e 6.2 5 pieces of content before they ae read; to speak with a sales representative. CREDIBLE INFORMATION MORE IMPORTANT THAN RELEVANCE OP FORMAT 20 1 2012 Credibility Involved in 4 out of 6 Relevance stages of buying process ....................--....... Consumption Preference Raled oul oi 100 PART OF A COMPLEX TEAM CAN'T FIND INFORMATION THEY CAN TRUST IT Frolessio al 19% Not very CIO challenging Cusiness Jnit Leaders O Suito (CEC OFO, CMO elo 81% Somewhat challenging/ Very challenging Cxternel Consultant/ Cetomer/Portner 20 2 30 35 Level of Irfluence 1 in 3 turn to online video for information WHERE DO THEY GET THEIR TECH PRODUCT INFO? MOBILE HOW OFTEN UTILIZE MOBILE DEVICE TO ACESS OR READ WORK-RELATED MATERIAL 63.2% 66% 58% 56% 40% 128% 10% &6% 22% 32% Trada Magazina Taoh-fooused oommunily slas Taoh madia slas Paarganaraled onina ravaw Naar Saarti tma a dey Coupletma awask Abour orcea waek dly or herdy aver A faw tmasa moneh SOCIAL Babrs Wkande Houe 48% Wukanda 67% VERY ACTIVE BUT NOT ENGAGED WITH VENDORS WHEN DO YOU ACCESS TECH CONTENT Drng Duing Bueh Hare 42% Aler Buetn HoUE Aer Buetrees "57% 58% 90% 65% 81% ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE ON YOUR TABLET Mslt at leggt onę social network monthly Post or contribute to a soclal network monthly Say soclal networking has not hluenced Interaction with technology vendors MOBILE SERVES MANY PURPOSE FOR TECH B2B CUSTOMERS 56% Reed 50% SOCIAL SITES USED EVERY WEEK Canpire prodict/ YARD 55% 37% 50% 50% Reed ond productrvice Frametion 48% 32% G Look for e promotion ar coupon in 42% pric downiond 38% (whiipipen,tc) You Tube 25% OWN A TABLET 49% No USE TABLET AS WORK DEVICE 24% Yes 76% No 76% 51% Yes share/exchange tech-related ideas and information they find online. 73% TECH BRANDS NOT PROVIDING MOBILE FRIENDLY INFORMATION comment on tech-related information they read online 87% Report impediments on viewing/ accessing information for purchases on mobile devices dwa Sources: i. IDC Buyers Experience Study, 2012 ii. IDG Enterprise Customer Engagement, May 2012 IN. Navigating IT: Objectives & Obstacles - InfoWorld, March 2012 iv IDG Global Mobile Survey, 2012 The Pervasive Influence of Social Platforms on IT Buyers - Forrester/Linkedin, 20 12 V. vi. Google/ Compete - Tech B2B Customers Study, Sept 2012 VN. Navigating the Marketing Maze, IDG Research, 2011 VNI. DWA Proprietary Research, 2013 Il-NON IT ------..--.

Anatomy of the Enterprise Technology Decision Maker

shared by dwa on Jan 25
DWA infographic describing the behavioral habits of a technology decision maker




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