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Aluminum: An Eco Friendly Work Truck

ALUMINUM AN ECO-FRIENDLY WORK TRUCK As OEM chassis production begins to lean towards the use of lighter-weight aluminum vs. steel, it would make sense that your truck body follow suit. Increase fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions by reducing the weight of the vehicle. Using aluminum to build the frames, floors, doors, shelving and other components of upfit truck equipment will lower the GVW. EITHER ORE ALUMINUM Less Corrosive properties SIMPLIFY final treatments. Both aluminum and steel come from ore. However the refinement and smelting process for aluminum is much cleaner than for iron, steel and other composite metals, which means less waste and less stress on the environment. WHEN CREATED Recycling scrap aluminum ALUMINUM is 99.8% pure requires only 5% OF ENERGY used to make new aluminum. ECO Callium Aluminum Reading Classic II Body Less Weight, Less Fuel, More Paylaad Realing D 85% 95% OF ALUMINUM IS POST OF THE ENERGY NEEDED TO MANUFACTURE NEW ALUMINUM IS CONSUMER CONTENT REDUCED WITH THE RECYCLING PROCESS BENEFITS TO YOUR BUSINESS AND THE ENVIRONMENT EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS BETTER FUEL EFFICIENCY Aluminum is up to 50% lighter than most comparable steel, and 10% lighter than composite fiberglass. Some truck models have shed as much as 1000 lbs. An aluminum service body can increase fuel efficiency by 8-10%. The EPA says for every 100 lbs shed, expect approximately 1% increase in fuel economy. OTHER BENEFITS T&ECO FRIENDLY PRODUCT LESS WEAR AND TEAR ECO V IMPROVED SAFETY FRIENDLY PRODUCT V DECREASE THE GROSS VEHICLE WEIGHT (GVW) AND INCREASE YOUR LEGAL PAYLOAD SUPPORTIVE OF COMPRESSED NATURAL GAS (CNG) ALTERNATIVE FUEL SYSTEMS WHEN TO USE STEEL OVER ALUMINUM For many parts of the truck, aluminum is preferable. Lightweight and durable, it makes the vehicle's total cost of ownership very valuable. However, sometimes the strength of steel is just absolutely necessary. FRIENDLY PRODUCT ECC FRIE FRAMES Aluminum can hold up for the rigors of most everyday vehicles, but a heavy steel frame is necessary for a work truck that deals with the unimproved road surfaces of the mining, oil & gas or rail industries. COMPARTMENT DOOR PANELS Job sites are places where you might want an extra strong steel between the harsh environment and valuable tools and inventory. HANDLES/LOCKS AND HINGES As areas of a work truck that see a lot of usage, movement, wear and tear, the strength of steel helps add longevity to these "joints". ┬ęThe Reading Group, LLC 2014

Aluminum: An Eco Friendly Work Truck

shared by Lupeer on Jul 03
Infographic for Reading Body's lightweight aluminum body. Focusing on aluminum as an Eco-Friendly alternative to steel truck bodies.




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