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Advantages of choosing Leased line Internet connection over standard broadband

ADVANTAGES OF CHOOSING LEASED LINE INTERNET CONNECTION OVER STANDARD BROADBAND UNLIKE BROADBAND SERVICE, WHICH IS A SHARED INTERNET CONNECTION, LEASED LINE SERVICES OPERATE ON A PRIVATE CONNECTION THAT IS DEDICATED TO THE BUSINESS OR COMPANY THAT PAYS FOR IT. THIS GIVES THE BENEFIT OF HIGHER DATA TRANSFER SPEEDS AND WILL NEVER BE AFFECTED BY PEAK USAGE TIMES IN THE SAME WAY IT HAPPENS WITH A BROADBAND CONNECTION. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN LEASED LINE AND BROADBAND CONNECTIONS ALTHOUGH BOTH LEASED LINE AND BROADBAND CONNECTIONS PROVIDE BUSINESS INTERNET ACCESS AT A FIXED SUBSCRIPTION COST, BUT LEASED LINE CONNECTIONS ARE MORE BENEFITING THAN THE STANDARD BROADBAND. THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THEM ARE: LEASED LINE INTERNET BUSINESS BROADBAND CONNECTION INTERNET CONNECTION Leased lines are dedicated to your Broadband is shared business and not with many other businesses and users. shared with any other businesses or user. Leased Lines internet connections offer the Broadband download same speed for both uploads and downloads (symmetrical). speeds are usually greater than the upload (asymmetric). Wider choice of Broadband internet bandwidths (10Mbps through to 10Gbps) and not dependent speeds are more restricted and usually depend upon your distance from the local telephone exchange. upon your distance from the local telephone exchange. Leased line internet Most of the connections are provided with unlimited data usage. broadband plans offer usage based billing with unlimited usually costing more. Stability of a leased line connection is considerably more reliable, because a leased line is dedicated. Frequent fluctuations in speed and downtime may occur from time to time. Backed by a 100% SLA, 4 Hour fix SLA Fix time of up to 2 working days. and service credits in the unfortunate event of downtime. ADVANTAGES OF A LEASED LINE OVER BROADBAND FOR BUSINESS INTERNET ACCESS LEASED LINES ARE BETTER OPTION FOR CONNECTING TO THE INTERNET IN MANY WAYS COMPARED TO BUSINESS BROADBAND. It provides a stable and dependable connectivity because it's a dedicated connection. It provides unlimited data usage, so no overuse bills. It can be provided through multiple media – Copper, Fibre Optic, or a combination of the above. Fibre Optic is more reliable and offers better fault tolerance/ performance / monitoring abilities, especially for higher bandwidths. Internet Leased Lines offer better QoS (Quality of Service) when compared to broadband. So, it is more effective to run real time services such as voice, video etc. over Internet Leased Lines. It offers a pool of permanent (static) IP addresses which enables organizations to run their own mail servers, web servers and other applications. OF COURSE, BUSINESS BROADBAND HAS ITS OWN ADVANTAGES SUCH AS LOWER COST, WIDER REACH, AND FASTER INSTALLATION TIMES. BUT A DEDICATED HIGH PERFORMANT INTERNET LEASED LINE (COST OF WHICH IS COMING DOWN EVERY YEAR) IS BECOMING THE PREFERRED CHOICE FOR GROWING BUSINESSES. Exascale provides a range of well positioned telephony, internet access, infrastructure, applications and consultancy solutions to business firms and resellers Businesses and companies who choose Leased Line Connections have a reliable dedicated internet connection as well as greater chances of increasing their business productivity. Exascale provides them with a high speed fibre optic Leased Line along with Free Setup and Installation. according to their needs which can help them grow towards their desired success. References: -for-internet-connectivity/ differences-between-broadband-and-a-leased-line%3F/c/5085/ Exascale

Advantages of choosing Leased line Internet connection over standard broadband

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