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Ericsson SSR 8000 Smart Services Routers: Make Your Network Smart And Scalable

MAKE YOUR NETWORK SMART AND SCALABLE ERICSSON WITH SSR 8000 3 4TH GENERATION IP NETWORKING = USER TO USER/NETWORK/CLOUD V Smart V Simple M Scalable M Superior performance SETTING ITSELF APART, THE ERICSSON SSR 8000 FAMILY OF SMART SERVICES ROUTER: Is tailored to different scaling needs. Has a consolidated platform to support multiple applications. Offers services for both fixed and mobile infrastructure. Offers complete network convergence so subscribers can access services from any device or location. SSR 8004 SSR 8010 SSR 8020 4 slots 10 slots 20 slots for line or service cards 4TH GENERATION IP NETWORKING CONSIDERS ALL OPTIONS WHEN RETHINKING NETWORK DESIGN: Caching and content distribution Quality of experience Device & Service aware Quality of service Subscription Scale Faster time to market 4 Gen IP Signaling load Pay as you grow Bandwidth scale Two sided business relationships Transport network design Coverage Network Management and Policy Control Operational Savings and Future proof ERICSSON DRIVES INNOVATION IN NETWORKS: Heterogeneous networks 4th generation IP, Cloud and Service Provider SDN OSS/BSS real-time analytics HOW IMPORTANT IS THE SSR 8000? CONSIDER THESE BIG NUMBERS: Today there are two billion internet users. six billion mobile .and 85 percent of the population are able to access a mobile device subscriptions... 2 BILLION 6 BILLION 85% IN FIVE YEARS... 5 BILLION 9 BILLION X15 There will be five billion .over nine billion mobile subscriptions (three billion smartphone subscriptions)... and mobile data traffic will internet users... be 15 times the current rate. WITH THAT IN MIND, ERICSSON IS AWARE OF WHAT USERS ARE MOST CONCERNED WITH: NETWORK NETWORK PRICE PLAN COVERAGE SPEED 24 54% 51% 47% VOICE CALL CUSTOMER DATA CONTENT CLARITY CARE ALLOWANCE AND APPS 1001 0101 Õ110 45% 42% 33% 33% WITH ALL THIS TO CONSIDER, ERICSSON SSR 8000 WILL ENRICH USER EXPERIENCE, BECAUSE IT CAN: Scale to the bandwidth needs of even the most demanding applications, while protecting low-latency, low-bandwidth applications from getting crowded out. Use its state-of-the-art signaling capacities to address the growing control overhead that comes with an ever-increasing number of connected end-user devices. Minimize the probability and the potential impact of a failure with its sophisticated availability and resilience capabilities, encompassing both hardware and software. ACCELERATING REVENUE GROWTH FEATURES BENEFITS 3 Dimensional Scalability V More Bandwidth to More Users User & Content Awareness Superior Multi-device end-user Experience M Enables Enriched Applications and OTT Partnerships Fixed & Mobile Convergence DESIGNED TO SCALE OPTIMALLY IN MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS FEATURES BENEFITS Traffic & Signaling Performance High Throughput & Efficiency M High Capacity M Pay as you grow CAPEX models Multi-Application Platform M Faster Time To Market SIMPLIFY AND LOWER O&M COSTS FEATURES BENEFITS 3 Models with Common Components V Power, Space & HVAC savings Modular Ericsson IP Operating System M Easy Configuration & Troubleshooting Common Management System M Reduced Training & Spares THE SSR 8000 ARCHITECTURE IS VERSATILE! Having incorporated new technology such as smart service cards with high throughput and signaling, the SSR 8000 delivers services to customers reliably with superior quality of experience. ERICSSON

Ericsson SSR 8000 Smart Services Routers: Make Your Network Smart And Scalable

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The Ericsson SSR 8000 family of Smart Services Routers, provides operators with a highly scalable, consolidated platform that offers services for both fixed and mobile network infrastructure. It offer...





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