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10 Digital Photography Mistakes To Avoid For Beginners

10 DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY MISTAKES TO AVOID for begimers blurry pictures 1. Ensure there is enough light reaching the sensor for a start. You can also choose a higher ISO setting for faster shuttle speeds. too much contrast Use flash to fill in the dark shadowy areas of the image and try underexposing the image by one or two stops to see the difference it makes. 2. red eye You can prevent red-eye by avoiding your camera's built-in flash whenever possible, also many cameras have an automatic red-eye reduction mode. off-colours In digital imaging we can use the white balance (WB) settings to deal with this problem. 4. Choose "auto" or the proper WB settings for the scenario. less is more If you have a focal point in the background and a distraction (like rocks) in the foreground, crop the image by zooming in to avoid the distracting item. 5. subject is too far If your subject is too far away, it will not make much impact. You can move closer by using a good quality telephoto zoom lens 6. low resolution Using a low resolution setting means that the image quality will suffer, and you won't be able to print large photographs without noticing the pixels. 7. too much noise 8. To reduce noise, use the largest image quality setting and always use a tripod so that you can choose the lowest ISO setting without causing blur. underexposed pictures If you see on your LCD screen that an image looks too shadowy and underexposed, you can try opening the aperture to allow more light in. 9. overexposed pictures 10. To correct overexposure, you can try underexposing the image by choosing -Õ.5 or -1 and seeing if more detail has been retained. SOURCES : mistakes.htm Infographic by... HENI FOURIE PHOTOGRAPHY 3.

10 Digital Photography Mistakes To Avoid For Beginners

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So, you've decided to enter the world of digital photography, but you'd like to know the basics before you get started? Take a look at this visual that outlines 10 elements of photograph you should av...


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