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How To Choose The Right Shutter Speed

HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT SHUTTER SPEED YOU MUST KNOW: PANNING Lets you add motion blur while keeping your main subject sharp. Track the subject with your camera, pivoting from your hips. SHUTTER SPEED TYPICALLY USED FOR 1/4000 sec FREEZING EXTREMELY FAST MOVEMENT 1/2000 sec FREEZING BIRDS IN FLIGHT FREEZING MOTORCYCLES, CARS AND 1/1000 sec OTHER VEHICLES 1/500 sec FREEZING MOUNTAIN BIKES, RUNNERS AND ATHLETES FREEZING SLOW-MOVING ANIMALS OR 1/250 sec PEOPLE WALKING PANNING MOTORCYCLES, CARS AND 1/125 sec OTHER FAST VEHICLES PANNING MOUNTAIN BIKES CLOSE TO 1/60 sec THE CAMERA 1/30 sec PANNING FAST-MOVING CYCLISTS AT A DISTANCE PANNING RUNNERS, KIDS OR MOVING 1/15 sec ANIMALS BLURRING FAST-FLOWING WATER 1/8 sec CLOSE TO THE CAMERA 1/4 sec 1/2 sec BLURRING PEOPLE WALKING BLURRING SLOW-MOVING WATER 1 sec or slower "MILKY' WATER EFFECTS HOW TO ADJUST 2. 125 250 4. 500 1000 SHUTTER SPEED? USE SHUTTER PRIORITY MODE Select S or T on your camera's top dial or menu, then adjust shutter speed with the relevant dial (check your manual) / you can go down to around 30 secs for traffic trails. SET THE RIGHT ISO To access slower shutter speeds, use the lowest ISO setting (usually ISO 100). If you need a fast shutter speed, you may need a higher ISO, such as ISO 400 or above.

How To Choose The Right Shutter Speed

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