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What Does Your Motorcycle Helmet Say About You?

What Does Your Motorcycle Helmet Say About You? So, what does your motorcycle helmet say about you? Are you a careful rider, a thrill-seeker, or perhaps a bit of both? A motorcycle helmet can say a lot about you as a mortorist. Whatever type helmet you wear, safety must come first, and you'll find out why. Full Face Helmet Open Face Helmet Flip-Up Helmet You possibly ride for the thrill, hitting the roads in the warmer months. You want to look good You're the rider in the middle. Almost commited to a full-face helmet, but the appeal of an open-face helmet made you settle for the inbetweener - the You are a self-confessed cautious and careful rider. You would not be seen dead without a helmet, riding even the most shortest journeys. Motorcycle safety is very important and you only want the best protection. The full- face helmet featured is a Box and perhaps, being fashionable is more important than being completely secure. You are cool and a bit of a daredevil who flip-up helmet. You enjoy the thrill of riding, but you understand the importance of safety too. The flip-up helmet featured is a Spada Tucana Front Flip Helmet. enjoys the wildness of the open road. The open-face helmet featured is a Scorpion EXO 100 BZ-1 Hazard Helmet. Why Should You Wear A Helmet? Eacy year, even minor motorcycle accidents kill hundreds of people or cause brain damage and other head injuries Motorcyclists are just 1% of total road traffic, but account for 22% of all road user Wearing a motorcycle helmet saves lives and reduces concussion and other head injuries deaths THE LAW By law, motorcycle helmets must meet a set of standards. In the UK, motorcycle helmets must meet - BSI 6658 THISINFOGRAPHIC WASBROUGHT TO YOUBY INFINITY MOTORCYCLES INFINTY MOTORCYOLE

What Does Your Motorcycle Helmet Say About You?

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Find out what your motorcycle helmet says about you! Are a cool cautious rider, a thrill-seeker, or a bit of both?


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