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Taking it to the Streets: A guide To Marathon Running

TAKING IT TO THE STREETS A Guide To Marathon Running Marathon Facts 2010: At 34 years old, Melanie Johnstone is the youngest runner to complete 100 marathons. 503,000 runners finished a marathon in the US Gladys Burrill, 92 years old, is the oldest female to complete a marathon. The men's record for the fastest marathon is held by Patrick Makau Musyoki - 2:03:38. GLOSSARY Bonk Another term like "hitting the wall"; a state of exhaustion when glycogen stores are depleted, blood glucose (sugar) levels are low and the only exercise that can be performed is slow running Carbo-loading eating a high carbohydrate diet for three days leading up to a race to maximally fill the glycogen stores. DNF Did not finish. DNS Did not start. Fartlek Swedish word for speedplay; work- out includes faster running mixed with slower running; adds variety to training and can be performed in any setting. Negative Splits Running the second half of a race faster than the first half. Runner's High Feeling of euphoria some runners experience after a long run. Taper Reducing your mileage several days to three weeks before an important race to ensure peak performance on race day. COMMON FEARS OF MARATHON RUNNING Deferment Getting injured Wait! FINISH "Hitting the wall" Coming in last Not finishing Bad weather conditions Getting lost COMMON RUNNING INJURIES lliotibal Muscle Pull Band Injury 32% 20% Knee Injury Stress Fracture 30% 9% Plantar Achilles Tendonitis Fasciitis Shin Splints 26% 16% 17% HOW TO AVOID RUNNING INJURIES Stretch before Run on Finish a long run and after a run. level surfaces. with a short walk to cool down. Н.о R.I.C.E. Drink plenty of water. Wear proper If you are injured, remember R.I.C.E.: rest, running shoes. ice, compression, elevation HALF MARATHON TRAINING CALENDAR WEEK 3 miles 2 mi. 3 miles 4 miles 2 3 miles 2 mi. 3 miles 4 miles 3.5 miles 2 mi. 3.5 miles 5 miles 4 3.5 miles 2 mi. 3.5 miles 5 miles 4 miles 2 mi. 4 miles 6 miles 4 miles 2 mi. 4 miles 5K Race 4.5 miles 3 miles 4.5 miles 7 miles 4.5 miles 5 miles 3 miles 4.5 miles 8 miles 3 miles 5 miles 10K Race 10 5 miles 3 miles 5 miles 9 miles 11 5 miles 3 miles 5 miles 10 miles 12 4 miles 3 miles 2 mi. Half Marathon Race MONDAY Stretch and strength: yoga, pilates, free weights TUESDAY Easy run: recovery run; usually short distance WEDNESDAY Cross training: any non-weight bearing activity THURSDAY Easy run and strength training FRIDAY Rest and recovery SATURDAY Rest and recovery SUNDAY Slow, long distance run; the "fat-burning" run 2012 MARATHONS January March April June Disney World L.A. Boston San Diego Marathon Marathon Marathon Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Country Music Marathon Big Sur International La Jolla Half Marathon October November December Marine Corps New York City Honolulu Marathon Marathon Marathon Philadelphia Chicago Marathon Twin Cities Marathon Marathon Baltimore Running Festival See ya at the next race! Brought to you by Sources: | | | | toprunningtips.corn | | | ||| | | | START

Taking it to the Streets: A guide To Marathon Running

shared by Stephania on Jan 18
Check out this fabulous infographic for more marathon factoids, marathon terms you never knew existed, a list of some of the upcoming 2012 marathons, and MUCH more!


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