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An Insider's Guide to the Fitness Industry

The UK HEALTH & FITNESS Industry Review An Insider's Guide to Working in Fitness Qualifications The highest level of fitness qualifications held by professionals in the industry': I teach fitness/dance and don't have a fitness qualification - 1% Qualifications gained outside the UK - 2% HND / Degree in fitness - 8% Other - 8% Level 2 Qualification - 18% Level 3 Qualification - 63% Of the fitness professionals surveyed, over half (63%) held a Level 3 qualification and almost one in five had achieved up to a Level 2 certification. Experience is key as a personal trainer. The more education a trainer can complete, the better. ANDY ELLIOT Personal Trainer specialising in Obesity and Diabetes Salary and Employment Breakdown of employment status in the fitness industry2: Freelance - 49% Full-Time - 36% Part-Time - 15% A summary of the average annual salary earned by fitness professionals in 20153: For part-time fitness professionals, the average annual salary has increased from £13,800 (2012) to £14,500 this year. Freelance fitness professionals earn an average salary of $20,800, depending on hours worked. The average full-time salary for fitness professionals has increased from £21,000 (2012) to £22,700 this year. 3. £14,500 £20,800 £22,700 Part-time Freelance Full-time Freelance instructors can earn around £20 an hour4. Personal training is so much more than making people physically fit. It can dramatically change a person's life and make an impact literally lasting decades. Photographer: Ewa Sapinska DR ANTHONY O'SULLIVAN HFE certified Gym Instructor & Personal Trainer Main Occupational Roles A summary of the main occupational roles within the fitness industry5: 11% Dance 25% Fitness/Exercise, Movement and Personal Trainer Dance Teacher (Level 3) 14% Yoga and Pilates Teacher 14% Group Exercise and Aqua Instructor Group/Area/Regional Manager 0.5 % Teacher (Level 2) Sports/Physiotherapist 0.5 % Frontline/Customer Service/Receptionist 0.4 % Swim Teacher 0.3 % 1As a personal trainer in my late 50s, I find there is a big market for mature personal trainers as some people feel intimidated by the stereotypical 'young, buff' personal trainer image. JOHN ELWELL HFE Certified Personal Trainer Main Place of Work Where fitness professionals perform their roles mostó: LEISURE PUBLIC CLUB/CHAIN HOME 2% 20% 8% SPORT PRIVATE CENTRE 4% CHAIN OF 14% 17% GYM AND 11% 5% OTHER NDEPENDENT 7% CLUB 6% CLUBS SPORTS 2% 4% OR CSP NGB INC The results show that the most popular places of work for fitness professionals is within public leisure centres (20%), followed by community centres/village halls (17%) and private fitness clubs (14%). 1 The budget gym sector provides exactly what it says on the tin. There is still a huge population out there who demand a more discerning and specialised service. Decide on your target group and gear your marketing strategies accordingly. RUTH HOYLE Pilates Specialist at Exercise Angels リリ Training and Development Funding, training and development within the fitness industry7: 72% 84% of fitness professionals have funded their entire training of fitness professionals have contributed to their training costs Number of training days undertaken by fitness professionals in 2014: 1-3 days 33% 4-6 days 25% 11+ days 18% 7-10 days 14% NONE 11% I The simplest way to get funding is to become employed at a fitness centre in a different job, and then show interest in training as a gym instructor. I met a pool lifeguard who did that, and they funded his training. GEORGE CHOY Personal Trainer at Gymnacity Fitness Fitness Industry Growth Summary of growth within the fitness industry: Fitness facilities in the UK have grown from 6,112 (2013) to 6,312 in 2014. This includes both public and private fitness facilities, such as private health clubs and publicly-owned gyms. 8 6,312 6,112 Fitness facilities in the UK (2013) Fitness facilities in the UK (2014) 文 穴 灾 灾 灾 灾 灾 灾 1 IN 8 people in the UK are members of a gym?. My client enquiries continue to grow year on year, so l'd say that the growing budget in the gym sector has had a positive impact on personal training. TAIN GREY Personal Trainer & Sports Massage Therapist at IG Fitness Sources: 1: 2: Based on figures from the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) 3: 4; 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: Data collected by Cardlytics HFe. more. become Presented by CENTRE CUBICENTRE PRIVATE HOTEL E FITNESS CLUBS STUDIO OR NILLAGE HALU PRIVATE COMMUNITY TRAINING SPACES EDUCATION PUBLIC OP

An Insider's Guide to the Fitness Industry

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An introduction to the health and fitness industry, for trainee gym and fitness instructors, with advice and insight from UK personal trainers and fitness professionals. This includes information arou...


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