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Happy Birthday F1!

مضت ستون علعا على انطلاق بقولات العلم الأولي مرة من حلبة سیلفرستوتال الانجليزية من It is 60 years since the world championship rewed up for the first time at La Today, almost half of plal gadaid ll takes place in Asia, da tom Bahrain to Japan jaly, 1950 u sata Siverstone, England on May 13, 1950. Caled formula' because the event was to follow a clear set of rules, Formula One was devised after World . 194 pla iat i War in 1946, However, it took a further four years for the 21 drivers to the world championship g 21 02010 1900 line up on the grid, with the legendary Nina Farino first to cross the fnish sa a li line in his Alfa Romeo, clocking in a time of 2:13:23.6. When Rod Bull's pes Mark Webber repeated the feat six decades later at this year's British Grand Prix, the time stood at 1:24:38.2, although on a slightly different Siverstone circuit. The difference in time illustrates how quickly the sport has moved through the gears, and here we bring you a detaled look at its transition from bright young thing to the most high-octane sport in the world. The points systems and regulations may have changed, but F1 laall KEY lasieg 21323 J Gand P per content مالمنهل إلي لحدي العظم الرياضت daleuaia.1 dk nia aiilaia J continues to grip generation after generation of race fans. p grand العيد الستيني ل لفورمولا1 yoll 1/11/ 2009 eumeofhe coureses acoor the trst yoar they hoida grand pr ابوظبي ABU DHABI Happy birthday 1! 2010 AAAI012151825 a Poirt system is 25-18-15-12-10-8 Oa 10 pin12 642.1 for frst 10 frishors الجعت والنقة بينهم كما أن أفضل اویع تقع An extra pont for the diver with the tastest ion time. Driven ae alinwed to sham camwith te oonts heine esetots Ork thehest 7n Thero wore sevor i l racos in the fest ala ely odition of the Formula la One championship, Lla y i Europe and one four resuts count towards the worid championshp standings n is 1086-5-4-32-1 e Retulno Frt por onts teme 43 wihni The ponts pystom changes with the beat hve rosults in a yoar counting Pigum owrs the work championshp standings Setreriand W Germany మరి వ JA alige ige Monaco a Holand The airoox is revised in an attempt to reduce engine power A 10cm stepped fat bottom is also introduced to sioe down the cars III tis decided THE GRAND بطولة الجائزة SASI PRIX STORY that divers can ..öjáll.phil DRIVERS, ugäilull TEAMS, RULES Pacte no longer share cars in a race تظهر تحسن استنمام التكنولوجيا From the outsot. Formula One ple a kie 1 has constantly ovolved as d hila Ja 1950 tochnology has improvod. m l moaning the Fedoration i da alas y temationsle de l'Automobilo. O ala te sports governing body has i ily had to keep apace While the ia ilas ia nie changes can soom dag aapiadia complcated, they make sure the plaia sport stays fresh and oxotng isi ia 24 When the 24 drivers inod up J on the grid for the inaugural చ 48 Laaie lai il aa ai, worid championship race, few Juiiiaa naru would have imagined the A 60 Bitish Grand Prix would sti be n le d älgla going strong 60 years later. wde la The championahp has covered ijay aimost overy continont since its vihape a dani nosption, athough Artartica vinj Ja remains of the calendart 35 1960 21 Al restrictions are remoued and the points from al 16 races count 37 15 19. The extra poine for the tastest kap is removed, while 1990 1960 60 تقدم باقوين العحد العيكل si place is rewarded with 3500 l ll one point (udtlania US Vegan de Engines only allowed a maimum of 3500o0 nomally aspirated bringing an end to the tubo period. Canada Minimum dry woight for the car is introduced, and bodywork restrictions stop (wdnial US Met 1970 60 3000 djaal paad 1500 da 1500Jai yal id Moimum engine sie charom pomally asorated or Engine specification changes again to a max of 1500oc supercharged or tubocharged wth no other restrictions supercharged Frst sponsorahip by Lotus dmperial Tobacool laall KEY thotem سن قانون بأن الند 61 S Dver per cornere سان ماريشو -6432-1r the frst 6trise 1990-1985 aa Mora, in taly has hosted doe more gands prix than any de lai d a other trmck. A staple venue 1 liti1950 since 1960, it han held a a Jlasie 190 F1 race every year except dila 1080, when the talian Grand Prox moved to Imola, in San Marino The metriction of Europe Amerca Aa Coonie Atica a mamum of 12 oylinders per engine Having fuctuated uni now, the best soores yatem is dscarded. it makos a brief appearance again from 1085-1900. is introduced عقد المنشنين في مجموع ال لاعین كل Number in Number of conetuctors whoe cicle indcates total drivers per yoe per year ance the constructors championehip artoc ciyy enan on bhe Fomula One calendar to host a grand prix, the race itoef can Taron winn it. For eoumple d Proxmoved فمثلا في البداية كفقت جترة لهرها لكبری ليست لسباق بحد تته، ولكن كلفت السما مرفقا وستصلا بالجقرة الوطنية الكبری واسخل الاسم في الاجنة سنة 1983 مع براندز هتش ونوريور غرينغ. دونينجتون بارك وليريز، حيث استضيف السبلق في عدة مراحل ولوجدت الجاقزة مقرالها في فالانسيا قبل سنتین وستیقی في هذا المكان افي 2014 استضافت اقديقابوليس سبق الجقزة الكبري في أميركالأول مرة قيل أن تحول الولايات المتحدة سيلق الجاقزة الكبري لفلوريیدا وکليفيونها ونيوورك كماتعانتقلث مرة أخوى إلى انديلنولیس في عام 02 20 حتي تمت التها من البفولة قبل ثلاث سنوات. و وضعت الولايت المتحدة في ذلك الدين في الجندتها لاثة سباقت، ملها سباق الجقزة الكبري الولايات المتحدة الغربية الولغ بیتش، کلينورنيا، سیل قصر قيصر الجقزة فكبری الاس فيفا وسبق الجائرة الكبى الولايت المتحدة الشرقية امیترویت danpols hobled Amencas at giand pra before the United States t Fonda, Calfoma and then New York It moved back to Indanapolis in 2002 untilt was removed trom the championship three years ago. America once had three races on the calendar, with the Unted States West Grand Prix (Long Beach, Caitorma. Caesars Paloce Grand Prix Las Vegas and the Unted States East Grand Prix (Detrot all featuring in 1982. Phoenx and Dilas have aso hosted grands pric The US Grand Prix returns in 20o12 n Austin, Texs *"Initially, the European Grand Prix wan not a race in its own ight, but wan the name attached to one of the rational grands prix. It tock ta own siot on the calendar in 1983 at Brands Hatch, with the Nurburgring. Donington Parkand Jorez al hosting the race at diferent stages since. found a new home in Valoncia two yoara ago, whero it will remain uniti 2014. 1950-2010 1950 106-432-1tr he f 1950

Happy Birthday F1!

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At the same time an F1 infographic supplement -forty colorful pages- is published in Dubai. Take a look at some of them, which symbolize's my passion for F1 racing.


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