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Drag Racing

FINISH DRAG RacerX RACING Thanks to Henry Ford and his assembly line manufacturing, cars became much more affordable, and it didn't take long for people to start racing them. A drag race is a very specific kind of race for two vehicles, using a short, quarter mile straight track to see which of two has the greater acceleration. It began as a pastime in the 1930s and became more popular in the '40s after the Second World War, mostly among young men and teenagers. DRA 6S OUTLAWS SAATA AMA. Drag racing was very much an 'underground' affair, illegal races taking place on makeshift tracks such as the dry lakes of California, empty two-lanes, and even unused airstrips. The 'tracks' were unregulated, and there were no safety measures in place. Anyone who wanted to watch did so at their own risk, standing at either end of the race area. HAR 7T By the early '50s, the pastime had become a sport. C. J. Hart opened an official drag strip, allowing for safer conditions and legitimizing drag racing. He established the quarter mile fixed distance (inspired by horse races) and this permitted a more accurate measure for determining a winner. He also introduced various classifications for the cars C. J. HART taking part, and brought in more safety features. In the late '30s Wally Parks founded the Road Runners Club and come 1951 established the National Hot Rod Association which is still going today with over 80,000 members! Volunteers became employees, and sponsors allowed for prize money races, which attracted more drivers. WALLY PARKS R4 CES With more than 35,000 licensed competitors using 140 tracks throughout the year, the sport remains very popular. It's changed a bit in all those years. The cars have become longer and narrower, 'top fuel' engines have moved to the rear of the vehicle, and the cars now race so fast that parachutes are needed to slow them down at the end of the race: in less than 5 seconds of race time, drivers can reach over 300mph! STARL LINE Designed & Compiled by: 55 01792 477316 PLATES4LESS www.PLATES4LESS.CO.UK ROADSTER FOR ALL YOUR PRIVATE NUMBER PLATE NEEDS ROTICA DINAE CTOR Midland ERBACHER n mage by: DRAG ORAG RAC Petersen Photo Archive Wally Parks Archives (

Drag Racing

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Drag racing is a type of motor racing in which automobiles or motorcycles compete, usually two at a time, to be first to cross a set finish line. This infographic can throw more light on the matter.




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