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The Diversity and Demographics of American Youth Sports

THE DIVERSITY & DEMOGRAPHICS OF American youth Sports ABILITY AGE GENDER DISABILITIES AFFECT WHETHER THE MEAN AGE OF ENTRY INTO TEAM OR ORGANIZED SPORTS IS EARLIER FOR BOYS THAN FOR GIRLS, AS WELL AS FOR MANY SCHOOLS HAVE FEWER SPORTS AND FEWER ROSTER SLOTS AVAILABLE FOR GIRLS, A CHILD PARTICIPATES IN SCHOOL SPORTS AND SPORTS HAVE MORE OF AN IMPACT CAUCASIAN AMERICAN CHILDREN ON IDENTITY IN BOYS THAN ON GIRLS 18 STATES 50% AGE OF ENTRY 1100 have enough roster slots for (AVERAGE) of the girls enrolled in high school U.S. FAMILIES VERSUS have a child with a disability that can interfere with sports and exercise STATES 31 for the same percentage of boys enrolled in high 38% 71% 6.8 e 7.4 O school YEARS OLD YEARS OLD BY AGE SIX, of parents said their communities and schools did not said that their ACROSS ALL GRADES, children would be either "very or "somewhat 34% of female students say offer sports or exercise programs for their children with disabilities 6.6 8.2 47% YEARS OLD YEARS OLD likely to participate sports are a big part of who they are when programs are available for white children for Hispanic children of girls are on teams VERSUS VERSUS • 26% of older youth between ages 14 and 15 stop playing at least one sport casually, possibly due to increased life/school responsibilities or commitments required by high school teams Half of parents said their children participated when sports and exercise programs for children with disabilities were offered by schools and communities 7.7 YEARS OLD for black and Caribbean-American 60% 61% 0/ of male 70 students children of boys FAMILY RACE LOCATION INCOME NON-CAUCASIAN FEMALES ARE MORE LIKELY CHILDREN LIVING IN URBAN AREAS HAVE THE MEAN AGE AT ENTRY INTO SPORTS IS THAN THEIR MALE COUNTERPARTS TO BE NON-ATHLETES, TAKING A "DOUBLE HIT" BY BOTH GENDER AND RACE FEWER OPPORTUNITIES TO ACCESS LATER FOR CHILDREN FROM HOUSEHOLDS WITH LOWER INCOME THAN THOSE ORGANIZED SPORTS WITH HIGHER INCOME DISCRIMINATION SPORTS PARTICIPATION SPORTS PARTICIPATION RATE FOR GRADES 3-8 CITY RATE FOR BOYS GRADES 3-5 LIVING IN CITY WHOSE HOUSEHOLD ANNUAL INCOME IS OVER S65.000 VS IN THE SUBURBAN %24 16 15% HOUSEHOLD INCOME: OVER $65,000 ONLY 16* of all boys and 15* of all giris who participate in youth sports are African-American • More children from suburban in at least areas parti organized sport compared to children from urban or rural 80%) OVER $100,000 AGE ENTRY NUMBER OF SPORTS PARTICIPATED: 3 OR MORE areas VERSUS 25% 89% 6.3 SPORTS PARTICIPATION RATE ACCORDING TO GENDER: 15th 17* YEARS OLD ONLY 15* of male athletes and of high school girls from cities have never participated in organized sports (44% 17* of female athletes are Hispanic LESS THAN $35,000 AGE ENTRY 8.1 t SUBURBAN (34% 12 8 YEARS OLD ONLY 12* of Aslan boys and 8* of Aslan girls play sports RANGE OF PERCENTAGE OF ADOLESCENTS WHO PLAY EACH SPORT SPORTS TRACK & FIELD 40% 40% 0% 24% 20% 17% 10% 9% 8% 5% 0% BOYS 0% 25% 23% 17% 17% 17% 0% 12% 8% 4% 3% GIRLS SOURCES/CREDITS A wwafaorg I gresearhumhedaOCR wede gem enmhmimmaothemedmol hetp/webincan.orgrgeearcheecaSearch | hetpespn s2hidden-demographica-youth-aport-pn-magacine kep/ww.deaportorghacialgendemeportcardht | hapa www.omenportifoundation.ang homawanarcharticles-andportmantal-and-physical-heath/go-out-and play htp/www.womenaportifoundation.orghameeh/ticlandport/chool-and-collegen/the-provialon-ofha-achletic-opportunity-in-theudygender -04vugh-200s-04 Sports ahouette feedesignfle com | Fuled US Flag | Cryby Chuck Spidel fam The Noun Project | Diversity by Lu Pado from The Noun Project OHIO UNIVERSITY A VOLLEYBALL SOCCER A7NO ONLY LACROSSE

The Diversity and Demographics of American Youth Sports

shared by andrewdeen on Oct 26
Diversity is a focal point and leading indicator in many aspects of America life, including youth sports. In a country as diverse as the United States, youth sports in the U.S. seem to lack a certain...


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