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Gender Identity Flowchart

GENDER IDENTITY is how you see yourself, based on where you feel most at home in the universe of gender possibility. RULES How do yoU identify? #1 There are no rules. #2 Play as often as you bay! its a Does this O still describe o o o me fairly like; sometimes identities change. #3 You can claim many it's a girl) well words, or eschew labels altogether, it's up to you. #4 This game is just for Fun! The real answers are within yourself. lets run Some tests ! Nó YES • 00000 o Start Sai the more dector Finish? I was socialized as cisgender male 0OD0000 000 wow, you had Some cool parents! fill in your own identity TRANSGENDER HINT Sometimes to find your identity, a little experimentation and self-reflection is required. itesv 29 base yno Afiw ritasbi trva No matter how you play, when you Feel comfortable in your own skin, you win! עיו לכרמas 97904 m o 20 bssilaiset 2ow 2tailtn yttmbi 1sbse ym 2a basilnione zaw 19bnse s 4 2o ritmbi fnob bne P 10 9 basilnise zAw > Hitnsbi 1sbasp SPIN 9m zyonNo mateya zint vodo st to YnD tit vllea1 taob 13 Ziortvan titnsbi Sup

Gender Identity Flowchart

shared by rowdyferretdesign on Feb 10
A fun graphic to explore what your gender identity might be. designed for the GENDER book.


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