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Why all organisations should implement Enterprise Social Media

WHY EVERY ORGANISATION SHOULD IMPLEMENT AN INTERNAL SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY More and more companies are experiencing the benefits of using social media tools inside the business. With social media, people can connect with each other, easily update their colleagues, share knowledge and experiences, learn efficiently and collaborate, while management gains tremendously valuable insights into the business. Internal Social Media Platforms offer new ways of communication and collaboration inspired by social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Wikipedia, Slideshare and Twitter. 2?? Some findings P Quotes to wake you up: 95% of company knowledge in heads of people "My employees under 33 are leaving the company because they feel they are being held back in effectiveness due to a lack of and blocking of social media tools internally" 90% of people are searching for knowledge via internet that is also available within the company "Most of my employees don't use social media, or at least not regularly. I hear that most conversations with customers will be done via social media in the near future. But training people in communicating via social media takes years. What to do?" 92% of executives are using LinkedIn * "There are no scalable ways to capture ideas. All ideas are locked into 69% of people think that meetings are not productive silos. Ideas can be stolen. How do I prioritise ideas?" In three years, 20% of business will replace e-mail with social media "I don't know about the buzz in the organisation, there are just too many management layers. I need a way to break down walls, silos and human fire walls" tools* Millennials make up 35%% of today's workforce. This figure will rise to 47% by 2014 ( Why every company should use Internal i social media * Data from: Pew, Gartner, Wall Street Journal, Nielsen, Millenials will leave the company Most important reasons to introduce Internal Social Media tools (Managers): Finding expertise using Internal Social Media is easy. It connects if not given the chance to be people cross-company effective with these new ways of communicating and collaborating [35% of the current work force are To find colleagues and let them connect 92% millenials, rising to 47% in 2014 (] An easy way of keeping each other up-to-date 54% You need to make the knowledge The western economy can only Captures informal knowledge in employees' heads accessible. This can be captured informally survive by ways of creativity and innovation. Knowledge is 48% everywhere. Capture ideas and acknowledge ideas using social Keeps young employees in the company 37% using social media tools media tools. Offers a modern way of working and facilitate a new world of working 32% Return on advertising is decreasing Decreases the amount of e-mail Managers will increasingly be devalued by their hierarchical 21% and the influence of personal Ad status in favour of their recommendations is on the increase. Prepares our employees for external social media participation 18% contribution to their people and Train your people how to use social to the company. With social media networks now, so that they Social CRM 17% media tools they can prove their are prepared for participating externally contribution Which features are most requested? Most popular platforms (in % features covered) Microblogging Find News 90%* Microsoft SharePoint 85% Jive 78% 75% specialists 71% (including 3d party components) 75% Socialtext 70% Newsgator Mobile client Document Blogs collaboration 65% 63% 54% 65% Lotus Connections 45% Google apps Video and Groups Activity Images streams 35% Salesforce 20% Yammer 41% 33% 29% Chatter Innovation Wiki n.a. Various open source cooker 20% 12% platforms * SharePoint standard + third party components like Attini Social Suite Disclaimer: Attini Software, Zevenseas and Rapid Circle are innovators of communication and collaboration, specialising in developing products like a Social Suite for SharePoint. We are not 100% objective when it comes to choosing technology platforms, so it's OK with us if you think, hey, SharePoint deserves a lower feature coverage number. But make us happy and invite us to convince you otherwise. Attini Software: Banar Road, Pune - 411045, India | | Emea: Wilgenweg 22c 1031 HV Amsterdam | [email protected] | Asia-Pac: 341 Infographic created by Rapid Circle Burwood Road Hawthorn Vic 3123, Australia | [email protected] | Americas: [email protected]

Why all organisations should implement Enterprise Social Media

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More and more companies are experiencing the benefits of using social media tools inside the business. With social media, people can connect with each other, easily update their colleagues, share know...


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