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A Who's Who of Social Media

WHO'S WHO OF SOCIAL MEDIA for 2012 It's becoming increasingly difficult for small businesses to know what social networks will be the most effective. This can lead to attempts to try all of them which then leads to burnout or stretch- ing your time too thin amongst the networks you are on. Imbue Marketing decided to help out small businesses by creating a easily digestible list of the contenders in the social media world. You can use this list to help you determine which social networks you should be on and which ones you can live without, maximizing you effect on a few and thus maximizing your time. is a social network that allows You Tube you to upload and share videos. This includes professional and non-professional content. is owned by Google and is always closely integrated with Google's other search engines. Videos have been known to generate highly qualified traffic. • Focused on sharing videos • Allows video sharing with only a few clicks. 50% 50% Humor • Create product demonstration videos of Politics & Commentary Fashion/Cosmetics Science & Technology your or other people's products. Y 158 • Document the process of making your Schools/Universities product or service. Science/Nature • Interview authority figures in your field. hits per month Music/Radio • Document promotional events. Gender Common Interests Facebook is the heavy hitter in the social • Connecting with people network world, it has over 800 million active is permission based. users. Facebook is a social network that allows • Easy to find people who you've you to connect with friends and family through request only. Users can share photos, status updates, videos or links with their known in real life. • The "Like" button makes it easy circle of friends. to share your interests 55% 45% Communities 800 370 Instant Messenger Science & Technology • Share breaking news in your industry • Ask questions and get to know *Y News/Information Politics & Commentary Magazines Regional/Local News Discussion/Chat your customers • Share your content that has been active users created on other platforms Gender Common Interests Twitter is a condensed version of Facebook's • Simple to use. statuses. It's simply updates sent out in with less than 140 characters. These small updates have become a way to relay breaking news or relay opinions to your followers. • Can follow anyone you want including celebrities and big brands • Quickly digested, the 140 character limit makes it casy to get information fast. 55% 45% 250 • Share breaking news in your industry Science & Technology Politics & Commentary News/Information Science/Nature • Connect with leaders in your industry *Y • Let followers know about upcoming Technology events/promotions tweets per day Fashion/Cosmetics • Tweet from live events. Gender Common Interests • Editing is easy, there are only a few options and they are very intuitive. Mobile app that allows you to edit and share • Instant sharing of you photos photographs with people who follow you. without a tedious upload process. • Shares with other social networks. • Share photos of products. Share photos of completed services 15 150 Photography Fashion Antiques Memory Recording Scrapbooking • Document the process of creating your product or performing your service users photos shared Common Interests • Quickly share through browser "Pin" Pinterest is a social network cork board. which allows you to select a Whenever you find something you like while you are browsing the internet you can "Pin it" to a board that others can see and "Repin" them to share. picture on a web page to share it. • A very visual newsfeed 55-70% <45% Parenting Home/Family 10 Bridal • Pin photography used on your website Home Decor & Design Baby Hobbies & Collectibles • Pin shots of your products • Pin short previews of your blog posts Food Fashion/Cosmetics users Gender Common Interests • Soundcloud focuses solely on sound production and making easy to upload. Allows users to upload sounds, music, • Users can give feedback about voice and share it with others. certain sections of a recording. • Heavily integrated with other apps and social networks 43% 57% 31% Humor Politics & Commentary • Create content rich podcasts that your Teens audience wants to listen to. Music/Radio • Upload music and share it with Nonprofit Science & Technology are between your audience. 18-24 yearS Gender Common Interests • Makes checking in a competition by Foursquare is a way to make checking in on your mobile device fun and rewarding. Venues can set up discount rewards and badge rewards for people who check in to their locations. creating a point system for you to compete against your friends • Allows venues to take control of rewarding those who check in. 40% 60% 15 Travel News & Info • Claim your venue on foursquare News/Information • Set up an enticing deal for checking in Hotel/Resort Events/Tickets to your venue Fashion/Cosmetics • Set up reward badges for you venue users Gender Common Interests • Is known as the "Facebook for grown-ups" in Linkedin was created to help profes- sionals network. It allows you to host an online resume and get introduced • Allows you to get introduced to people you may never be able to meet. to important people in the industry through your own connections. • Lets people view your resume online. User's Sales Function 59% 41% 12% Academia • Create connections with decision ¥ Y 100 10% makers of companies. other 10% Admin • Share your content with people 10% Operations who are business minded. users Gender Jobs Engineering Google's entrance into the social media world is Google+. It focuses on the users created 'circles' which are how updates are filtered. Instead of throwing a constant stream of information at the user Google+ relies on the user to customize how they want to see information. • Users can seperate who they want follow and who sees their updates with Circles. • Tightly integrated with other Google apps like Youtube and Gmail. • Lets people view your resume online. Student 90 63% 37% Software Engineer • Create a brand page to share Consultant content and drive your audience to Manager Photographer Marketing Designer your website. • Improve your visability in Google's users social scarch. Gender User Occupation Sources: instagram-growth-via-an-instagram-infographic-by-followgr-am/ http:/ imbue MARKETING WHO IS USING IT? Google+ WHO IS USING IT? Linkedin WHO IS USING IT? WHO IS USING IT? Sound Cloud WHO IS USING IT? Pinterest WHO IS USING IT? Instagram WHO IS USING IT? Twitter WHO IS USING IT? Facebook WHO IS USING IT? You Tube adenbsunoy DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION million million million million users million POINT OF DIFFERENCE WAYS TO UTILIZE POINT OF DIFFERENCE WAYS TO UTILIZE WAYS TO UTILIZE WAYS TO UTILIZE WAYS TO UTILIZE POINT OF DIFFERENCE WAYS TO UTILIZE POINT OF DIFFERENCE WAYS TO UTILIZE POINT OF DIFFERENCE POINT OF DIFFERENCE POINT OF DIFFERENCE POINT OF DIFFERENCE POINT OF DIFFERENCE WAYS TO UTILIZE WAYS TO UTILIZE

A Who's Who of Social Media

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A rundown of the large to midsized social networks and how they can fit your small business' marketing plan. It is broken up by demographics, how many use the service and what common interests of the ...


Social Media
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