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The State of Social Media in Small Business

THE STATE OF Social Media. Small Business IN SURVEY Study finds that while small business owners use social media personally and believe it affects their businesses, the majority don't know how to start using the new networks to build their companies. What's more, most don't plan on investing online until they understand the practices, payoffs; and virtually none have hired an expert to show them how. SEEING THE POTENTIAL Yes, I believe 88% Social Media does 12% Won't impact or will impact my business SMB SMB SMB SMB SMB SMB SMB SMB SMB SMB 63% report some social media footprint for their business The footprints are in: 61% fin flr 48% 37% Officerrow 6% foursquare 6% 14% Oplaxo 5% 8+ Merchant 4% Reasons small businesses are Ways small business say they could use social media: using social media: Make product or service recommendations to my network of friends and family Recommendations and Ratings It's a great place to access the latest Brand awareness 49% news and information Lead generation 33% Information Customer service 32% 28.5% 10% Product ratings and reviews *We don't know where to start! Quick Updates Share personal and business news with my network 17% 16% Not at all* 31% Customer 12% Knowledge Sharing Contribute thoughts and ideas on products and topics Support Interact with 28.5% companies to get the help and support I need 5% Accountability Makes people more accountable for their actions NOT ACTING ON THE POTENTIAL Small businesses are overwhelmed by social media, keeping them from realizing its full potential Costs too much Don't have the staff Don't want to share everything Doesn't help me or my business Missing lead Finding out too late that we've got a PR crisis on our hands No way to manage negative commentary Waste of time Too many sites to manage Information overload Don't know where to start Disclosing confidential information 1 The prospect of building it is daunting. Few have hired anyone who knows Social Media, to do it for them. Chairman of Social Strategy1 -Mike Lewis Almost 90% use classic corporate marketing materials to get information about a business There is virtually no engagement or authoritative resources on monitoring Company blog 17% Industry blog 19% 89% 96% Do not use any Company website Webinars, podcasts 17% Rating / reviews 48% Social Media Social Media profile 36% management Magazines 25% 4% Use a service Newspapers 19% NO STRUCTURE FOR EXPANSION There are no clearcut roles, responsibilities or structures "Whose job is social media?" Corporate Communications 15% Corporate Manager Outside 18% 8% 3% Customer service Source President Marketing 4% Director Me 2% 13% No one IT PR Owner All HR Administrator Away from Social Media 67% No change 3% Toward Social Media Majority of Small 30% Businesses will not be making additional investments in Social Media next year Source: OfficeArrow and Social Strategy1 conducted a survey business owners and entrepreneurs. November 2011. small Infographic by: sociálstrategyl OfficeCrrow

The State of Social Media in Small Business

shared by ernestoolivares on Dec 09
While small businesses use social media personally and believe it affects their businesses, the majority of don’t know how to use the new networks to build their companies. We found that most small ...


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