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Where to Share Your Viral Content - Get the Best Results Out of Your Content

A Breakdown of Where to Share Your Viral Content You Tube 1. Facebook Facebook makes up 26% of sharing globally, but sharing also decreased 11% in 2013 26% SHARE Photos on Facebook generate BRAND 80% of U.S. social network users prefer to connect to brands through Facebook versus other social media outlets Auto-posting decreases likes and comments by 70% 53% 84% more more link likes 104% clicks than the than text more average and link comments post posts 1PM-3PM Engagement 18% 30% The highest traffic higher on Thursdays and Fridays higher on weekends occurs mid-week between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Engagement: 1.01 The ability to earn a response from your audience billion active 77% 43% mobile users B2C B2B 35% Acquired customers from Facebook of Facebook Fans like a page so they can participate in contests B2C Business to customer B2B Business to business The top industry that has acquired customers through Facebook is retail 2. Twitter Twitter makes up 13% of sharing globally, and sharing increased 6% between the end of 2012 13% SHARE and end of 2013 78% Tweets specifically asking for a retweet receive user engagement with a brand's tweets are in the form of Brand 12x higher retweet rates than those retweets that don't # Hashtags Tweets with hashtags receive 2x more engagement than those without hashtags #3 23 121% I 17% Tweets with 1-2 hashtags have 21% higher engagement than those with 3 or Tweets that use more than 2 hashtags actually show a 17% drop in engagement more hashtags 35% In one sample study, tweets with images received Twitter has found that 18% more click-throughs photos average a 35% boost in retweets 89% more favorites 150% more retweets 66% A 30% greater engage- 53% ment rate was found when 44% tweets were published during the day (between 8AM-7PM) Twitter users who primarily use a mobile device are 8AM-7PM • 44% more likely to click on links than the average user • 66% more likely to retweet • 53% more likely to recall seeing an ad on Twitter Specifically, the best time of day to tweet is in the afternoon and early evening Engagement • for B2C 17% higher on weekends • for B2B 14% higher on weekdays 3. Video Portals YouTube, Vimeo, Vine and other 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video 33% i YouTube has the second largest A website is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of search engine results if it includes a video You Tube number of search queries in the world Shorter is better Google YouTube accounts 1 min 45% video after 1 minute of viewers stop watching a for over 28% of all 28% Google searches 2 min 60% stop watching before the 2 minute mark 1 in 5 Twitter users Online video discover videos each day from tweeted links accounts are 50% 50% of all mobile traffic Brands 2 out of 3 Twitter users feel that videos tweeted by brands are worth watching of Internet users remember the video ads 80% they watched in the past 30 days of Internet users look for more information 26% after viewing a video ad of Internet users visit the website named 22% in a video ad they viewed Adding captions to YouTube videos increases views You • Increases views by 13.48% after first 14 days Tube • All time increase of 7.32% Closed captions open videos to the hearing disabled and captions are indexed by YouTube Search, giving the video a greater chance to be found 4. Pinterest • Pinterest makes up 3% of global sharing • Global sharing increased by 50% in 2013 3% SHARE January 2012 Pinterest accounted for U.S. consumers who use Pinterest follow an average of 9.3 retailers on the site. 3.6% of referral traffic Over 80% of pins are repins 80% 42% 94% 36% A pin with a call-to-action Tutorial, guide, Pinterest pins that include prices receive Pins related to DIY and trending topics recipe pins see a 42% higher click-through rate than other pin types description see an average of 94% increase sees an 80% 36% more likes in click-throughs increase in engagement than those that do not 60% Pinterest's share of referrals is highest in home and furnishings, accounting for up to 60% of all social traffic 25% Pinterest accounts for 25% of retail referral traffic Over 20% of users who connect to Pinterest through Facebook are on Pinterest daily 2pm-4pm 2 million members 8pm-1am * The top interests * on Pinterest in the U.S. include crafts, gifts, hobbies/leisure, interior design and fashion designers/collections The best time to pin afternoon - 2pm-4pm EST evening - 8pm-1am EST Etsy Flickr The top sites that Pinterest links to externally Google Tumblr We Heart It Tracking Trends O Buzzsumo Filters include type of Find key influencers and top performing content based on social shares by searching for specif- ic keywords content (articles, videos, infographics, etc.) - influencers (companies, journalists, bloggers, etc.) Alltop Blogs The best blogs are Ccategorized by niche, which are searchable by keywords or tags generate a list of influencers From the search pitch guest posts you can share their content Followerwonk This tool is a search engine that searches through Twitter profiles to identify targets for following, building relationships or ink-building You can filter or rank the search results with different metrics like number of followers, number of tweets or the social authority Google Trends A tool that shows what is being searched the most The Visualizer feature can search for up 25 searches at a time and focus by location through Google Twitter Trends View trends worldwide by country or by city, or discover trends specific to your profile (and tailored settings) Zite Topic CNN Trends uses Zite to determine the top 10 CNN stories, for instance This tool allows you to search for a topic and get the best blogs, newspapers, magazines and video content relevant to that topic in return Sources Global sharing and community marketing: sharing_b53141 Facebook: cle/20140416161547-10021453-5-quick-ways-to-increase-facebook-engagement-in-2014 tos-on-Facebook-Generate-53-More-Likes-Than-the-Average-Post-NEW-DATA.aspx Twitter: ter-101-how-to-get-more-clicks-retweets-and-reach Video portals: tal-networks-gets-boost-adding-closed-captions-youtube-videos eo-the-stats-2013/?goback=.gde_995777_member_226433798 Pinterest: Tracking trends: ite-ways-find-trending-topics-0758552#!behV1L KENT STATE. 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Where to Share Your Viral Content - Get the Best Results Out of Your Content

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Social media can feel like an enormous stream of disconnected components. Each person is moving in what appears to be a random fashion, but deeper connections can form. Understanding not only individu...




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