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What is Reputation Management

REPUTATION MANAGEMENT? attp://www. the process of actively monitoring the internet reputation of an individual, brand or company There are 3 basic aspecte to reputation managament includes tracking Raputation management companies use many onlina techniques to push a company's or parson's reputation COUILD Oresting a etrong positive reputation for the entity OTHER'S OPINIONS postive PR banners Monitoring what people say OF THOSE ACTIONS MAINTAN maintain the pceitive reoutstion search engine directory listings optimization Publicity and the online presence direct reviews articles advertising facebook twitter Minimizing negative content at PECOVER the top of online searches and strategizing to push poetive youtube banners THEIR Social Networking ACTIONS content to improve reputation The world is online! world's ons world's on 480% growth Tnat is 13% of 58.3% of Europe in percentage of the world online in the past 10 years 78.3% of North 23.8% 31.7% 2011 2.1 billion America of Asia of the Middle East opulatic -2000 360 million 36.2% 11.4% of Latin of Africa America 60.1% of Australia •Information can be accessed by BING many means. LINKED WIKIPEDIA TABLETS TWITTER VIDEO GAME CONSOLE AMAZON MSN TV LIVING SOCIAL YOUTUBE GROUPON YAHOO DESKTOPS GOOGLE LAPTOPS YELP MOBILE PHONES FACEBOOK BLOGS TUMBLR Due to stiff competition and increased reliance, the mobile market has seen drastic changes in the past decade. 4G smart phones Cellphones today have times more battery life and 256 times more storage than functioning as a telephone, mp3 player, camera, video camera, intemet browser, Analog phones In our era, deemed functioning only as a telephone. those from 1999 for "the age of mobile 50% the price gaming console, GPS and more. data." mobile devices 1999 2011 allow users to talk Looking at smartphones and read about topics of interest Smartchone penetration by age group. all the time and Geogle everywhere. E6+ 25% 44% 116 92% MILLION of Americans own smartphones Americans access the of all Android and Apple mobile web smartphone users use google mobile Mobile phones are not only more functional but also far less costly to obtain and own. The public is far more dependent on their mobiles, evident in the fact that 40% of people disconnected their 2013 75% 350 landline to rely solely on their cell phones. 2011 Smartohone 44% ownership has more MILLION 170% growth Based on the past exponential growth, smartphone penetration is projected to increase by 170% in the next 2 years. than doubled 2009 in two years. 18% active users access Facebook on mobile devices. 2006 3.8% Social media and search engines are so prominent in society and daily life. facebook twitter ЛОе active users active users per month of users login any given day tweets posted every five days 200 million pieces of content posted per Log In registered users Many read the feed but do not tweet month per user on average 250 milion 25,068 compared to 2008 photos uploaded every day to post 1 billion tweets record for tweets per second when Hayao Miyazaki's Castle in the Sky was screened in Japan (12.9.11) 25% 27% of users are American of tweets are from America Google Google is the most visited brand in 2011. 174,314,000 unique people searched google in November 2011 IX III 1:44:57 average time on google per month VI •Political figures .... ..... ... Companies Many political figures lose their campaign when negative information seeps out about their past. PayPal When 4/10 top search results for PayPal directed to sites speaking negatively of the company, many users began to find alternatives for their payment needs. Obama was able to use social media to reach out to the younger demographic of voters and win the election in 2008. 4/10 Celebrities Laker's player, Kobe E Bryant, suffered financially Bronco's player, Tim Tebow, threw a touchdown pass for Many musicians are able to promote their work and their brand positively on the internet. Beyonce's pregnancy spurred a tweeting frenzy of 8,868 Tweets per with endorsement losses when he earned a negative reputation following his alleged rape. an overtime playoff win and set a new sports Tweets per second record of 9420! second. Justin Bieber has the most watched video on YouTube with 684.5 million views. Your job search Your personal brand could keep you unemployed! Human Resources departments use searches and social media to investigate potential hires. 78% of employers research candidates online. 38% of those employers reject candidates based on their findings. Alway be prepared. With the growing increasity of the mobile web, you never know when someone is posting about you or taking a picture. It only takes seconds for someone to post something extremely damaging about you or your company and it can happen when you least expect it. Know what is out there Before you can control what others read about your brand, you need to find out what is published about you online. Google's 'Me On the Web' WHAT WHAT YOU OTHERS Me on the Web lets you find exactly what will come up when your brand is typed into a search engine. This service offers: optional alerts when new information is published and solutions if negative results are prominent. POST POST ABOUT YOU blog mention, photo tag, status reply, tweet Request removal of unwanted information from webmaster of site. Publish new content. YOUR ONLINE IDENTITY Listen to your brand. What What angles demographics does our brand can we take to target specific audiences? Knowing all aspects of your brand means that you can market yourself appropriately to meet the expectations of your clients. Proper marketing promotes the success of your brand and the maintainence of a good reputation because you market yourself to only make promises you can keep attract? Does our What brand promote one consistent voice across the social web? Asking yourself these questions will help you listen to your brand. expectations of our services do clients have based on our brand? REPOFIGHTER Developed by Inuvate Design by Karissa Lam References: Anderson. Eric: Mobie Phone Penetration Comart, Jesse Why Cboma eis Spci t e tp://www.etok o 12 2011/10/24/obame-social-media-campagn moble-phone-penetration-level.him a to Win in 2012 (htp: Duryos, Tricia "U.S. Consumers Pay 50 Percent Less For Mobie Than 10 Years Ago' http:/moconews.netarticle/419-us-consumers-pay-50-percent-leses-for-mabile-phones-now-than-10-years-: Epstein, Zach Smartphone Acoption Expiodes in 2011" ( Facebook Statistics' (nttpe:// Google Googie+ Hibberd. Miko 3020 Vslon: The Decade Ahead tp:// Intomobile Smartshone Penetration is 40% of Overal U.S. Market' thtp:// McGoe, Matt Tebow-Mania its Twitter: More Tweets-Per-Second Than Bin Laden, Steve Jobe & Beyoncé's Pregnancy thtp:/marketingland.comvtecow-mania-hits-witer-2077): Miniwalts Marketing Group nternet Works Stats ( The Nielson Company Consumer Mecdia Usage Across TV Orne, Motie and Socia" (htlp:/'orine_mobilereport-consUmer-media-usage-ecrose-tv-onine-mobie-and-social ntp/ Company Top ! ds nttp:// Oddem, Loe Basics of Cnine Reputation' thtp:// Pye, David 7 Free Brand Reputation Tips (hittp:/thirstypony.comv2007/02/7-free-brand-reputation-management-tips/: Riploy, Charles 2 DWons Mobie Devices to Ship in 2016" ( bilonmetile_devices_lo_ship_n_2016.himt Sniderman, Zachary Why Srartphone Addction Might Not Se As Sig As You Think' nttp://mashabie.comv2010/0v26/amartohone-adoption-trends/): Storling, Grog Twitter Now A Top 3 Site for iPhone isers' titp:/markelingland.con/twitter-now-a-lop-3-ste-for-iphone-users-rietsen-1608 LI SI AHM WHAT IS MPORTANT? 22% of the MEDIA DEVI populatio ONLINE 41-6L 35-54 S3O0 OHM !T AFFECT? MANAGING YOUR BRAND

What is Reputation Management

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