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What’s a Verified Twitter Account and How do I Get One?

What's a VERIFIED TWITTER ACCOUNT and how do I get one? There are On 187,000 verified accounts out of roughly JULY 19, 2016 Twitter announced that they created 310,000,000 y an online application process for Twitter accounts to receive verified status. monthly active users. This feature was previously not public. Verified accounts - Are denoted by a blue badge icon -Allow people to identify key individuals and organizations on Twitter as authentic Jimmy Parsons @theRealJimmyParsons - Account may be verified if it is determined to be of public interest Verified accounts are typically maintained by public figures and organizations in: Music TV Film Fashion Government Politics Religion Journalism Media Sports Business What is the goal of verified accounts? Help people find high-quality accounts to follow For creators and influencers to easily connect with a broader audience Some of the first accounts to be verified: CDC NASA The Armstrong Oprah Winfrey @Oprah CDC Kim Kardashian West Flight Research Center @NASAArmstrong @CDCGOV @KimKardashian San Francisco 311 Tony Hawk @TonyHawk Milwaukee Police @MilwaukeePolice @SF311 How to SUBMIT A REQUEST to have an account verified Step 1: Log in to Twitter y Home About Welcome to Twitter. Log in Step 2: Go to go to and confirm the username you would like verified Help Center How can we help? Search * HELP CENTER > REQUEST TO VERIFY Roport a problem Request to verity an account < Back Please complete the form so we can review your request. What username would you like Twitter to verify? Twitter username supersupersuper If this is not the correct username, please log in to the account you would like verified. Check here if this is a company or brand or organization account. NEXT Step 3: Add missing information Help Center How can we help? Search + HELP CENTER > REQUEST TO VERIFY Account not eligible for review Report a problem Please resubmit your request after the account owner has updated the following settings. More information about Twitter's minimum requirements for verified accounts can be found here. < Back • Phone number • Birthday • Profile photo • Header image • Bio • Website Add/confirm phone number Add your birthday Add profile photo Add header image Add bio Add your website To submit a request, an account must have the following: Verified phone Confirme Bio Profile photo number address www. Birthday (not needed for company, brand, or organization accounts) Header photo Website Tweets set as public in Tweet privacy settings Step 4: Provide links to 2-5 websites that identify your account Provide instances of your appearances in: High-traffic content producers News Evidence of public influence Step 5: Explain why your account should be verified For companies and corporations For individuals V Demonstrate your impact Outline your mission V Outline your public reach V Describe success at achieving your mission Describe 1-2 ways in which you've changed your field Step 6: Submit your request for approval Once a decision is made U J If your request is denied you will be notified another can be submitted 30 in 30 days. via email. The benefits of a VERIFIED TWITTER ACCOUNT Choice of three options for viewing notifications: All (default) Mentions Verified Access to account analytics Increased privacy of messaging Normally only accessible to advertisers Direct messages from followers Analytics includes information regarding followers and engagement Comments on posts - Higher-profile brand image: Blue verified badge reflects the status symbol of the person owning a verified account Ease of fan engagement 2# Identifies the original from the fake profiles or accounts Stephanie 133 @StephanieBlogg StephaniesBlog @StephaniesBlogOfficial Verification removes doubts of followers and helps them to better know you or your business/organization Whether you're a business, organization, or individual, having a verified Twitter account is a smart step to help you stand out on social media and better understand your Twitter followers. Brought to you by: In partnership with: SURE PAYROLL A Paychex® Company GHERGICH&Co. IIIIII.

What’s a Verified Twitter Account and How do I Get One?

shared by Ghergich on Sep 14
There are roughly 187,000 verified Twitter accounts, but what exactly does this entail? Learn how to get your account verified and the benefits that come with it with this guide.


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