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To Tweet Or Not To Tweet

TO TWEET OR NOT TO TWEET: Are Companies Allowing Employees to Use Social Media in the Workplace? Today, companies are implementing social media policies of all shapes and sizes – and it's no wonder why: every month we hear of another PR disaster because of a single tweet gone awry. This has led many companies to ban the use of social media completely while employees are at work. But other companies are taking the opposite approach, believing that a generation raised on technology is more productive when allowed to use it at their own discretion. WHAT COMPANIES ARE DOING & SAYING ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA IN THE WORKPLACE An informal global survey conducted by Proskauer gives us some perspective Are all, some, or no employees permitted Are social networking sites actively Is social media employee use to access social networking sites at work blocked at work? monitored at work? for non-business use? 70.7% yes 27.4% yes no 29.3% no 72.6% none 25% all Are there policies in place in relation to social networking? 48.3% Do the policies cover both use at some work and outside of work? 26.7% yes 55.1% 16.5% 44% 39.4% no 44.9% Just at work At work & outside of work N/A Is misuse of social networks an issue Is there an advantage or disadvantage to your business to allow employees access to social networking sites while at work for (i) business and (i) that has required attention? non-business use? 43.4% 31% Advantage for Business and Non-Business Use 56.6% I yes I no 55.2% Advantage for Business Use but Disadvantage for Non-Business Use Has your business ever had to take 3.4% disciplinary action against an employee in relation to misuse of social networks? Disadvantage for Business Use but Advantage for Non-Business Use 31.3% 68.7% 10.3% yes Disadvantage for Both Business and Non-Business Use no TWO MAIN APPROACHES Most companies come at the "social media in the workplace" issue from one of two approaches. Which one fits your business? Approach 1“Protect Brand Image At All Costs" This approach puts a company on the defensive as it focuses on making sure a company's brand image is not tainted by an employee tweet written in bad taste. Not only can a tweet hurt a brand, but it can put a company in serious legal trouble. TYPES OF TWEETSE THAT MAY PUT A COMPANY IN JEOPARDY THREATS MAKING LIGHT OF TRAGEDY SLANDER Companies that take this approach RACISM may ban social media altogether, or they may allow for limited use. But one thing is for sure, strict guidelines and policies are put in place to keep the problems to a minimum. VULGAR LANGUAGE LEAKING CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Approach 2: “Use Social Media to Increase Brand Awareness" This approach puts a company on the offensive as they To make this work, not only do companies need to implement attempt to use their collective voice to build brand aware- policies in order to protect their brand, but they also need to ness. If done right, a robust and well-trained social pres- train their employees on how to use their social presence to ence is a force to be reckoned with. the company's advantage. SOCIAL GUIDELINES AND TRAINING Training tips to help employees on their way to tweeting properly about the business A COMPRE- HENSIVE SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY SHOULD INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING THE DEFINITION OF SOCIAL MEDIA BE RESPONSIVE Nothing speaks better about a company's dedication to serving its clients and followers than timely responses. If given permission, all employees can quickly handle small issues COMPANY SOCIAL MEDIA PHILOSOPHY and provide answers to questions of which they are knowledgeable. BE A PROACTIVE NETWORKER POTENTIAL DISCIPLINARY ACTION TO BE TAKEN IF A robust social network can be a great tool THERE IS FOUL PLAY for generating leads, finding new hires and even closing sales. RETWEET FOLLOWERS This simple action draws followers into your brand and creates loyal ambassadors. BE STRATEGIC IMPACT ON PRODUCTIVITY Employees should avoid barraging the web with an endless stream of content, as it dilutes the power of the brand message and alienates followers. OPENLY DISCUSSING CLIENTS BOOST COMPANY MORALE Encourage employees to tweet about each other to boost morale. All in good CAN PEOPLE IDENTIFY THEMSELVES AS EMPLOYEES OF THE COMPANY? fun, of course. SOURCE: / / /

To Tweet Or Not To Tweet

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Today, companies are implementing social media policies of all shapes and sizes, because every month there's another PR disaster because of a single tweet gone awry. This has led many companies to ban...


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