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Social Savvy Critters

Social · Sauuy Critters It's becoming increasingly common to see our pets online, tweeting, posting updates on Facebook, and even blogging. No, Fido himself is not tweeting ... his owner is tweeting and blogging on his behalf. And Fido is not alone! Post How Many Pets. Are Online? According to a survey by, 14% of dog owners said they maintain a Facebook page for their pet. Of these dogs on Facebook, 42% 20% have 1 - 25 friends. have 50 - 100 friends. 6% 27% You of respondents said their dogs are on Twitter. have a YouTube page. Tube And those are just the well known social media sites. There are several other online forums for dogs, cats, and other creatures living under your roof: SHEKNOWS Articles, quizzes and contests all in one place! PETZUME An online community where pet lovers network. share + connect petypop. An online community for your pets to hang out with other pets. Set up a webpage for your pet and interact with other pet owners. PIRTS BarkleyAndPaws An interactive social media site for pet owners. • Tips for Getting • Kitty Online facebook -O Search Try Catbook, a Facebook application B Catbook designed to keep your pets' photos and musings off your main page. Sweet - Share Sweet Edit Profile Invite Friends All Friends 4 Kitty Kat Love my owner soo much! 19 second ago Comment | Like 8 Jwitter Jips for Dogs from Ribsey @whippetsnippets Dig for ansvwers - post links to articles that other Be open to other species – don't limit yourself to dogs. Don't bark dogs will enjoy. incessantly - no one wants a million tweets a day. Wag your tail – follow other dogs on Twitter. Try not to whine when you lose followers – we've all It's okay to drool we won't fault you for following celebrity dogs. done that. Take naps - you don't have to tweet all day long. Be yourself! • Creating a• Blog for Fido Pets are also emerging in droves with their own blogs. Owners are writing blog posts and sharing photos from their pets' perspectives. Pick a blogging host site: WordPress Blogger Typepad LiveJournal Come up with a name for your blog. My sweet pets Chose the look and color scheme that best matches your pet's style and personality. 4 Post photos of your furry friend. Start sharing content. A few ideas: v favorite toys v favorite food v sleep routines v play pals v training tips v outdoor adventures v tricks v activities v questions and advice ADS Look into advertising with pet companies if you're interested in monetizing your blog. Share the blog through social media channels. You Tube DONE 66 Don't bother me. I'm blogging. eb Y Sources: classifieds with-caren-gittleman.html 2-4bbb-8030-8c17d97el376 facebook-profiles.aspx

Social Savvy Critters

shared by kcatoto on Jan 23
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Pet lovers around the world are bringing social media into their pets lives, not just their own. While some are creating facebook pages for the pets, others are going to social media sites for pets on...



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