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Social Media Management Tool

INTRODUCTION OF somemto" TM SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT T0 OL BY etiya INFORMATION SYSTEMS SOCIAL MEDIA as digg in IS A SET OF TOOLS THAT FOSTER INTERACTION, DISCUSSION AND COMMUNITY ALLOWING PEOPLE TO BUILD RELATIONSHIPS AND SHARE INFORMATION! WHAT IS SMA? SMA STANDS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYTICS It is about integrating new values and data from Social Media sources into existing data analytics processes. You Tube in WHY IS SMA IMPORTANT? POPULARITY & TREND COMPETITIVENESS INFLUENCE ADVANCED ANALYSIS DECISION ANALYTICS MAKING TO PREDICT SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYTICS REQUIREMENTS Data Mining Web Services NLP Big Data Analytics Unlimited Source RDBMS Unstructured Data Analytics Sentiment Analysis Integrations System Streaming Data Analytics Machine Learning Cloud Integrations Statistics Near Real/Real Text Analytics Data Quality High Variety Support Time Analytics Graph Search Batch Analytics Master Data Management CRM Integrations Social Network Linked Data BI Tools Analytics Analytics ETL Tools Integrations Integrations WHY MEASURE? A Budget, Allocate & Defend Resources Optimize Performance Forecast Demand Attribute Success WHAT DOES YOUR CUSTOMER SAY ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT IS IT POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE FEEDBACK? OUR SOLUTION SOMEMTO MICRO BLOG SITES FRIEND FEED GOOGLE+ TWITTER ECOSYSTEM MEDIA. N SOURCE ANY U WEB CRAWLER FI SOMEMTO ECOSYSTEN SOCIAL API SEARCH ENGINE RESTFULL / WP AP COMMON API FOR SOMEMTO ANALYTIC SCHEDULER MODULE MODULE BIG DATA SOLUTION IT IS A YOU CAN SAVE TIME FROM REDUNDENT PROCESSES SAVE TIME AND HAVE A BETTER DECISION MAKING PROCESS Make contingency plans to protect 360 degree Your brand view of customers Increase customer loyalty. Popularity and trend analysis Improve retention % Be ahead of competition Optimize processes with advanced. reports Cut customer account loss HOW CAN SOMEMTO HELP? Gather information from search engines like, Keyword flexible bing Ask 7852029 D Gather information from any www. like Somemto Web Crawler Tommy (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 15:00:11 7852030 D Somemto Web Crawler : Tommy (1975) - IMDB Kaynak : wwW Tip : 11.06.2013 15:00:13 FEATURES ABLE TO RUN ON ANY KIND OF BROWSER LIKE OPERA, SAFARI, ETC. HAS CUSTOMIZED SCREENS •With menu options •With report options HAS ENGLISH English AND TURKISH Turkish LANGUAGE OPTIONS 88 SUPPORTS MULTI-USER ACCESSIBILITY THE CUSTOMER ACCOUNTS ON SOCIAL MEDIA CRM PLATFORMS CAN BE MATCHED WITH YOUR CRM SYSTEM digg BENEFITS SUMMARY OF SOMEMTO • 360 DEGREE VIEW OF YOUR CUSTOMER • POPULARITY AND TREND ANALYSIS • COMPETITIVENESS CUTTING CUSTOMER ACCOUNT LOSS AND IMPROVING RETENTION • INCREASING CUSTOMER LOYALTY • IMPROVE DECISION MAKING PROCESS OPTIMIZE PROCESSES WITH ADVANCED CUSTOMIZED REPORTS SO HOW DOES IT WORK? Collected The system searches data is stored Identify keywords in database automatically in specific time Identify social media Somemto makes platforms to be searched Set frequency of the search classification and interpretation WHOM WOULD YOU REACH? 25 % CRITIQUES Site owner Blogger Active online user 12 % Wike writer COLLECTOR 18 % Follower of RSS feeds DEVELOPER users with #hashtags Site owner voters Blogger Writer Documenter 48 % 25 % WATCHERS USER Readers User with profiles Video commenters Visitors to sites Feedback readers. SOMEMTO GRAPHS AND CHARTS WITHIN CRM AND CLOUD SYSTEM SOMO MTO urat sahin kabadayl for User Setaviour Report SOME MTO Uer Operationn Competitor Analysis Report Sigortack mello superadmie Competitor Analysis Report Anadolu sigorta 1% Axasigorta:1% HDI_sigorta: ON Yapikredi sigorta:0% Aksigorta:IN Announcement Vertvon 1 Aviva: 23% Mapfre: S1* H NORDPRESS BLOG. RS, Yου TUBE FACEBOOK wW CRAWLER MODULE CLASSIFICATION MODULE SOCIAL MEDIA MODULE NLP MODULE

Social Media Management Tool

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In this infographic we have shown tools for social media and describing about why, what and how Social media analytics (SMA) in important and also show how you can influence your social media and incr...


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Social Media
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