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Psychology: Why are we Addicted to Social Media?

The Psychology Of SOCIAL MEDIA Why We Like, Comment, and Share Online The way your hands can't stop scrolling down for one more news feed post, the way you can't ignore a notification alert, it's not all you. Social media forums like Facebook and Twitter activate our rewarding centers in the brain. Internet users spend an average of 135 minutes per day on social media Social Media Biology f HO NH2 Но Dopamine Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that creates the feelings of pleasure and want. The pull of dopamine is so strong that studies have shown tweeting is harder for people to resist than cigarettes and alcohol. 60% 56% female admitted to are afraid they will miss something if they don't stay glued to being addicted to social media their social networks Why We Like and Share 68% 78% of people say they share to give others a better sense of who of people say they share because it helps them to stay connected to people they are and what they care about We like on social media because we want to maintain relationships. We also create a reciprocity effect We feel obliged to give back to people who have given to us, even in a small way. The Dark Side Of Social Media The University of Salford conducted a study among 298 social media users 50% said using social networks like Facebook and Twitter makes their lives worse Their self-esteem suffers when they compare their own accomplishments to those of their online friends How To Beat Your Social Media Addiction 1 Limit Your Usage 2 Unfollow Your "Guilty Pleasures' 3 Do Something Productive instead 4 Take a social media detox Social media can gnaw at our insecurities and suck us in, but at its core, it's about the good in the world: seeing it in ourselves, recognizing it in others, passing it on. Good and bad both comprise most of the things that we deal with every day, social media falls into that category as well. All that remains is what you want to focus on! D DIGITAL INFORMATION I WORLD Sources:

Psychology: Why are we Addicted to Social Media?

shared by irfanahmad1989 on Jul 19
This infographic explains the extent to which people are addicted to social media, and the reasons behind this addiction.


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