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Unsocial Media?

unsocial Is Technology media Breeding a Generation of Introverts? Are we more introverted because of social media? 1 Stress and Social Support Facebook users have more social support than non-Internet users (i.e. emotional support, companionship, and instrumental aid.)* Social media use as a whole actually results in lower stress in women. Going Outside Internet users are 42% more likely to visit a public place than non-Internet users." Social media users are 26% less likely to use their neighbors as sources of companionship. 3 Diversity Those who maintain a blog are 95% more likely to have a confidant who's of another race. Those who use social networks generally have a social network that's 20% more diverse. 3 in n Linkedin users have the most diverse social networks. Making New Friends Facebook helps users to revive "dormant" relationships. but only 7% of an average user's Facebook friends are strangers (ie. people they've never met in person)." Facebook users are three times more likely to believe that "people can be trusted" than non-Internet users. Social media users have, on average, the same number of social ties as the average American. Isolation The average social networking user is half as likely to be Socially solated than the average American." However, some researchers suggest that generations that have grown up with social networking have become more uncomfortable with their offline selves." 4 10 Introverted? Not necessarily. Depressed? Probably.. 2 Passive consumption of Facebook information is more likely to create feelings of depression and lonelines. especially if those updates trigger felings of envy." 5,9 Internet usage overall is ied to a small but detrimental effect on psychological well-being (including depression, felings of loneliness, low self esteem, and less life satisfaction) Those who use social media, with the exception of Instagram, are aware of more stressful events in their friends' lives; this may lead to "social stress." Compared to the population in the 1980s, more adolescents and adults in the 2010s suffer from the symptoms of depression, but are no more likely to admit they are depressed? Suicide rates are at the highest they've been in 25 years, but no higher than what they were in the 1980s. How to shake off Internet-inspired feelings of "meh." 3 Take the time to create no-technology zones and nurture offlin relationships. 10 Social media outlets, like Facebook, can actually make people happier, but it's important to resist felings of envy." 11 If you experience symptoms of depression, seek professional help. ' 2 3 * 6 7 ° 9 " MASTERS IN ) PSYCHOLOGY 11 름

Unsocial Media?

shared by LivinLevin on Jun 27
If you listen to the stereotypes, social media is making zombies of us all - especially the youngest of us. But is that really the case, or are those assumptions only based on fear and misunderstandin...



Social Media
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