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Pinterest Data You Can't Ignore: The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest

The Power of Pinterest Pinterest PALO ALTO Pinterest is... stepping up as a P valuable markoting is well-funded by a group of successful entrepreneurs and investors tool for businosses an online bulletin board P for your favorite images, launched in 2010 is built by a small team in Palo Alto, Califomia Pinterest is growing at an astounding rate Growth in U.S. Unique Visitors (000) and Average Minutes per Visitor 14,000 140.0 11,716 12,000 120.0 97.8 10,000 93.5 100.0 88.3 82.5 80.4 8,000 80.0 7,516 6,000 523 60.0 4,855 37.8 4,000 40.0 3,295 20.4 2,000 13.7 2,073 20.0 L.031 1,270 508 0.0 May-2011 Jun-2011 Jul-2011 Aug-2011 Sep-2011 Oct-2011 Nov-2011 Dec-2011 Jan-2012 Average Minutes per Visitor Total Unique Visitors (000) O (Based on comScore report) Pinterest sends traffic... (Referral traffic stats according to a Shareaholic study) 8+ Pinterest 3.6% 3.61% Despite the increased integration of Google+, they lost some referral traffic in January, falling from 0.249% of referrals to 0.22% a new leading referral traffic generator for retail brands Pinterest accounted for 3.69% of referral traffic while Twitter just barely edged ahead of the newcomer, accounting for 3.61% Compare Pinterest users to other social media giants one to two years after launch Pinterest 2010: launched | 10.4 million users (as of early 2012) Facebook 2004: launched 16 million users (as of 2005) Twitter 2006: launched 1 3 million users (as of 2008) Google + 2011: launched |90 million users (as of early 2012) Number of Members as of February 2012 Pinterest Facebook 10.4 million 1845 million |200 million 135 million Twitter LinkedIn Google + 190 million Referral Traffic as of January 2012 Pinterest 13.6% Facebook 26.4% Twitter 13.61% 1 0.20% 1 0.22% LinkedIn Google + Why does Pinterest visually stand out? It thrives on beautifully simple images of ideas grouped together on a board of a user's page Users can follow all of a user's boards or just a single board Pinterest is like a visual bulletin board Can view or locate boards based on a for the Web subject, topic or theme Important Pinterest Terms... id be Southern Love this idea for a kid's room! 12 ikes 1 comment 117 repins 405 likes 7 comments 1698 repins Pin: Repin that's my 1 an image added to Pinterest - image may either be from a link, from a site or uploaded image 1 can include captions 16 lik Wedding Inspiration DI love popped ak by Realy loving this unique dress.very vorsatlel Sarah Mehringer Roberts Pin it O Faoebeok Love this idea Cindy Wall I really Ike this! May be my first tatoo Repin: 1 once something is pinned, it can then be repinned by other Pinterest users Board: 1 this is where your pins are i you can have separate boards 314 The three things a guy should want to change about his girl is her last name, address, and her viewpoint on men. for various subjects tట్ర Pictureasmin uarca-Aununnoove of that idea, and I have the same 16 ikes 2 comments 69 repins Krystal Y'Barbo onto dress 2 1 imoress titiiasmin ant ninh atand Pins by Method Over 80% of pins are 'repins'. "Other' assumed to be via mobile. I Repin I Pinmarklet 1 Other How are people pinning? Pinterest Demographic Data (According to ComScore) Household income Age Gender $0 - $24,999 8% $25,000 - $49,999 $50,000 - $74,999 | 0- 17 5% 35% 18 - 24 17% | 34% 25 - 34 |30% Male 20% $75,000 - $99,999 149% | 25% Female 80% $100,000 - $149,999 16% $150,000 or more 3% 55 - 64 5% 65 or more I 2% 606 of Pinterest members eaned a college degree. Only 25% of Pinterest users have earned a bachelors degree or higher. - 30% of Pinterest users -80% of Pinterest's users are 25-34 year olds. P are female Education Less than HS diploma 6% High school 10% Some college 6096 Bachelors degree 19% Graduate degree 69% -The majority live off a household income of $25-75K. Pinterest users in the US are more likely to live in mid-west states than your typical social networker. Better 5 Brands Land Gardens SƏUIOH Refiesh dRoom Using Pinterest For Marketing 1. Better Homes and Gardens - 25,391 followers best examples of a lifestyle brand doing great things on Pinterest get the expected mix of pinboards related to: • Recipes • Entertainment • Decorations Michaels WHOLE FOODS BIRCHBOX 3. Michaels' Stores 4. Birchbox - 4,124 followers 2. Whole Foods -7,405 followers - offers a number of crafting - 19,085 followers - a brand very active in social media - its pinboards are related to food, recycling, green living, holidays, cool kitchens, and even food art! - a beauty subscription service brand SCHOLASTIC pinboards for various audiences its pinboards offer seasonal content and content by product-type - a great mix of cross-promotion, direct, and indirect marketing - has a pinboard to share projects from the brand's followers 5. Scholastic - publishing diverse content to promote and reinforce its brand promise - viewers can see images from craft classes and events 1,865 followers stands out through its indirect marketing efforts - its creative pinboards waiting for you to browse are: • Bling for Bookworms • Teacher Appreciation Vintage Scholastic proved that its presence on Pinterest's Powerful Stats ij 12 j' 2-3x 145% :9 3- 4. 7 6 3 Pinterest is retaining and engaging users as much as 2-3 times as efficiently as Twitter was at a similar time American users of the social network spend an average of 1 hour and 17 minutes on Pinterest as compared to: Daily Pinterest users have increased by more than 145% since the beginning of 2012 in history Twitter - 36 minutes Linkedin - 17 minutes Google+ - 6 minutes Nordstrom (9,886 followers) Whole Foods Over 1/5 of Facebook- connected users are on (14,217 followers) Etsy (53,784 followers) Pinterest daily (which represents more than 2,000,000 members) • Crafts • Gifts • Hobbies/Leisure • Interior Design • Fashion Designers/ Collections • Venture Capital • Blogging Resources • Crafts • Web Stats/Analytics • SEO/Marketing Better Homes and Gardens (15,127 followers) Top interests on Pinterest in the UK Some of the top corporate Pinterest boards Top interests on Pinterest in the US Sources: IMI INTERNET MI MARKETING INC. aspx?NewsAreald-20

Pinterest Data You Can't Ignore: The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the past few months, you’ve probably heard about the up and coming image sharing website known as Pinterest. For those unfamiliar with Pinterest, it’s quit...


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