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How to Create Outstanding Social Media Pages

How to Create Outstanding Social Media Pages g+ in Facebook * Facebook recommends uploading a square image because rectangular images will be cropped to fit a square. Add some text to the *Use a good image that reflects your brand and suits your profile image. Ensure that you follow the guidelines provided by Facebook. image, but not too much. Leave plenty of space around the text. Upload your logo or any image that your fans will easily recognize. If it's a personal page, upload a clear headshot of you. Regularly update the cover image to drive engagement and update fans with the most important news. 210 Pixels Cover Image Size Ensure that it looks well with the cover image. Include information about promotions like offers, contests, and sales. 851 X 315 Pixels 23 Pixels Must measure at least 399 X 150 Pixels A portion of your profile image will overlap the cover image. Keep this in mind when you create your cover image. You Use attractive arrows and Profile Image Size text to drive attention toward the apps/tabs and "Like" button below. 160 X 160 Pixels could try combining the profile image and cover image. The photo uploaded must be at least 180 X 180 pixels. It will be resized by Facebook to fit Business Name * In a single line, describe your business, followed by a short call to action, and add a link Use attractive cover images About Box Tab Size 111 x 74 to drive attention to custom to your website. The call to action should ask people to visit your website. Pixels tabs. Make sure they suit the page. About Display most important and* popular tabs like photos, "Likes", subscription form, welcome tab, etc., in the * Visit the about section by clicking on the link below the "About" box, and fill in more details like mission, company overview, basic info, contact info (Website, blog, email, other social media accounts, etc.), description, and life events. *Add your business's name. top row. in Twitter Create a header that suits the profile image. g+ * The profile image measures 73 X 73 Pixels Upload an image of your company logo. If it's a personal account, upload your headshot. Twitter recommends that you upload an image that is 1252 X 626 pixels. It will be resized to fit. Include important information that you can't include in the bio here. Header Image Size 520 X 260 Pixels *Add your business name or your name Make sure all the information here. Name is on the left and the right sides, as the profile image, name, @Handle * Create a short handle that is easy to remember and is relevant to the handle, bio, location, and Website will overlap the central name. part. Location Website Background Use a background image that encloses and beautifies the entire account. In 160 characters, describe you and your business. If you have some extra space left, Add the city, town, or village you or your business are located here. *Add your website address. add another link to the website or other social networks. You can shorten the URL to squeeze it in. Add information that you weren't able to add to your bio or header here. Include a bigger logo or headshot, your achievements, contact details, etc. You can also add the Twitter handles to your other accounts. * Again, restrict text and other important details to the left and right sides. g+ Google Plus in * Add text to your cover image, but don't overcrowd it. Leave plenty of space around. Make use of all the extra space that the cover provides with a combination of good design Cover Image Size 2120 X 1192 Pixels and text. Use it to promote products, offers, Minimum size 480 X 270 Pixels contests, etc. Add your business name if the page is for your business, and your name if it is a personal * Profile Image Size 250 X 250 Pixels Upload a logo or any image your fans can easily recognize. If it's a personal page, then you can upload a headshot, page. Business Name Website Add your website address. Add your tagline. If you don't * have a tagline, in a really short line explain what your business People Story Tagline does. Introduction In detail, write all about your * business. Include information about what you do, your achievements, how you can help the reader, etc. Attach links to your text if you would like to, Contact Information Links *Add your phone numbers, email, address, etc. *Add links to your website and social media accounts. You can also include links to any of your other websites or landing pages. Pinterest t * The profile image measures 165 X 165 Pixels. Pinterest recommends that you upload a 600 X 600 pixel image with square dimensions. It will be *Add your name or your business name here, depending on the purpose of the account. Explain what you do and what your Pinterest page is about in 160 characters. If it's a personal account, link both your Facebook and resized to fit. Twitter accounts. If it's a Upload your business logo or your headshot depending on who the account is for. Business Name business account, only link your Twitter account. Profile Image Size 165 X 165 Pixels Add your website address and make sure you perform the important step of verifying it. *Add information about the place you are located in, here. Location Website Address tf Board Name Board Name Board Name Board Name Board Name Create several boards on Cover Image Size 217 X 147 Pixels Give the boards a short name different topics related to your brand. that can be read right on the profile page itself. Place the five most important boards in the top row. These could be your most popular boards and the boards you * Add cover images to get boards to look their best. *Write a good board description, explaining what the board is about. Also, add categories and invite guest pinners, if needed. want to drive most attention to. in Linkedin Square logo measures 50 X 50 Pixels Upload your company's square logo. Add your company name here. Company Name *Upload a banner image that suits your page and logo here. It should reflect your brand. Also upload the standard logo. This will be resized to fit 100 X 60 pixels. Banner Image Size *Write your company description here. Include information about everything you do. Don't forget to let people know how you can help them. 646 X 220 Pixels Use keywords to make it easy for people to locate your company page when they perform a search on LinkedIn. Company Description Products Add your products or services. Specialities *Add your company's specialities here. You could also add Groups Display your Linkedin keywords (search terms people are likely to look up) related to groups. More Information your company. Add information like company type, company size, website, industry, operating status, year founded, and location(s). f By Social Marketing Writing Sm SOCIAL MARKETING WRITING

How to Create Outstanding Social Media Pages

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The requisite to promoting yourself on any social network is to ensure that your pages are perfectly set up. So here's a quick guide on creating outstanding Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and L...


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