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Happy 15th Birthday, AdWords!

Наpрy 15th Birthday, { Google AdWords! People engage with technology and consume content in ways that are constantly evolving. AdWords has been part of these important shifts for fifteen years, connecting consumers with the brands and local businesses that matter most to them. What began as simple text ads next to search results have transformed into highly visual formats that respond to swipes, taps and pinches from the on-the-go consumer. Join us as we take a look back at the past 15 years of AdWords innovation. 2000 People are turning to Google to connect with businesses. AdWords launches, making the connection easier than ever. 350 1M+ Google advertisers were advertisers on AdWords when it first launched today 2001'S MOST SEARCHED BRANDS 1 2 NOKIA S ONY. 3 4 (palm A Adobe Here from the start has been using AdWords for 15 years, transforming a business that started in a living room into one of the largest suppliers of personalized products in the United States. JLo's Grammys dress O] "Google is our largest and most reliable source of new customers. Online marketing is the heart of our business and drives our growth." People flooded Google with searches for this dress which inspired images in search results and later in ads. RANDY WELLS, COO Discount MUG$ 2003 AdWords expands globally. People in 218 countries are connecting with businesses hrough ads on Google. Berto From Italy with love GROWTH Berto has designed high-quality SINCE 2002: furniture since the 1970s and 300% uses AdWords to drive online sales and millions of site visits more revenue from all over the world. and employees "When I joined, I realized that although we're small, the Internet could help us tell our story." FILIPPO BERTO, OWNER Google Search available in... 72 150+ LANGUAGES LANGUAGES in 2002 including Klingon! TODAY NZ Ford New Zealand Let's hit the road DRIVING SUCCESS: 60% INCREASE Ford New Zealand built on its success in search by expanding into the in site visits Google Display Network (GDN), which includes over two million websites and 650,000 apps. Ford engaged consumers actively shopping for a vehicle 3X LIFT with a visual experience showcasing its selection of cars and pickup trucks. in average time spent on site .... 2010 YouTube TrueView ads debut, giving viewers choice over which ads they watch and connecting brands with a more engaged audience. Skip Ad OVER 1 BILLION 0:50 / 3:00 THE TOP views make Gangnam Style users on global brands have 100 the first video to reach YouTube today all run TrueView ads this milestone in 2012 over the past year 2008 15 HOURS TODAY 400 HOURS of video uploaded to YouTube EVERY MINUTE Gillette Manscaping is here to stay P&G's Gillette generated buzz for its latest razor, Gillette BODY, by YouTube reaches more targeting a rapidly expanding audience of body-grooming men. With a digital-first strategy anchored by YouTube TrueView ads, Gillette 18-34 reached millennial males with their "100 Years of Hair" video ad. PURCHASE YEAR OLDS than any cable network in the U.S. today. OVER 500K 211% LIFT OVER 84% clicks-to-buy in searches of 13.5M total for the viewers finished Gillette brand most of the video 2015 The world's gone mobile, AdWords offers more ways than ever for people to find businesses and apps on-the-go Over 50% of O1 12:00 worldwide Google searches happen on mobile devices Google Say "Ok Google" U Ok Google, coffee shop near me Ok Google, what are the reviews on this? Google Create Play Play Store 2X 82% ::: year-over-year growth in "near me" queries of smartphone users consult their phone while in a store Масу's Let's go shopping "The bottom line is we're Macy's knows its customers are shopping both online and offline, and it's indifferent to whether using mobile to make that journey more seamless than ever. With local inventory ads, Macy's showcases in-store inventory directly in search results a customer converts in the store or online. We just want her to shop with Macy's." to help customers find exactly what they want, even when they're on the go. SERENA POTTER, GROUP VICE PRESIDENT What the product Whether it's Where the looks like in-stock closest store is TODAY Mobile has forever changed consumer behavior and expectations. Billions of times per day, people turn to Google in their I want-to-know, I want-to-go, I want-to-do] and I want-to-buy moments. As we look forward to the next 15 years, we're excited to be there in those intent-rich moments that matter to consumers and brands Thanks for coming to the party! (V) (V)

Happy 15th Birthday, AdWords!

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In the last 15 years, we’ve witnessed tremendous shifts in consumer behavior and advances in technology. Along the way, Google has innovated to bring consumers more immediate, relevant answers in th...




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