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Ellen DeGeneres' Celebrity Selfie

THE SELFIE RETWEETED ROUND THE WORLD WHO BROKE TWITTER? ELLEN DEGENERES TWEETED AN EPIC OSCAR CELEBRITY SELFIE THAT QUICKLY BROKE THE RECORD FOR MOST RETWEETED TWEETS .AND POSSIBLY TWITTER (FOR 20 MINUTES). CHANNING TATUM JULIA ROBERTS ANGELINA JOLIE JARED LETO BRAD PITT LUPITA NYONG'O KEVIN SPACEY JENNIFER LAWRENCE MERYL STREEP PETER NYONG'O ELLEN DEGENERES BRADLEY COOPER THE USUAL SUSPECTS: BEAUTIFUL CELEBRITIES BUT WHERE DID ALL THE RTS COME FROM? RTs BY CONTINENT 75% NORTH AMERICA 12% EUROPE 2% ASIA <1% AFRICA 10% SOUTH AMERICA 1% AUSTRALIA RTs BY COUNTRY 66% USA CANADA UK 2% MEXICO RTs BY STATE CALIFORNIA NEW YORK TEXAS 14.5% 10.3% 8.4% Because Hollywood Because the rest of Because it's a huge state entertainment FLORIDA ILLINOIS PENNSYLVANIA 6.3% 5.2% 4.2% Because there's a Hollywood down there too, right? Because Chicago is the Hollywood of the midwest Because the Amish love movies RT'S BY GENDER 62% 38% FEMALE MALE TOP TEN INFLUENCERS 6.0M 12.4M followers 5.9M followers 24.7M 5.6M followers followers followers @TheEllenShow @RyanSeacrest host CA personality CA @PerezHilton @StephenAtHome @channingtatum America writer NY actor CA NY 3.6M followers 3.ЗМ followers 3.ЗМ followers 3.1M followers A 3.0M followers @scooterbraun talent manager @NoelSchajrirs musician MEXICO @gabyespino @AndreaLegarreta actress @DaneCook comedian CA actress NY VENEZULA MEXICO ELLEN'S CELEB SELFIE WAS RETWEETED OVER 3 MILLION TIMES SO HOW MUCH STAR POWER DO THESE STARS HAVE? IF WE MEASURE THE AMOUNT OF SPACE EACH CELEBRITY TOOK UP IN THE PHOTO, HOW MANY RTS DOES THAT EQUAL? 3% 4% 2% 3% 3% 2% 2% 8% 4% 6% 8% 13% OH BRADLEY, SUCH A CHARMER (AND 421,459 AGREE). 85,303 RTs 135,853 RTs 69,822 RTs 105,207 RTs 98,256 RTs 50,234 RTs 66,653 RTs 254,329 RTs 136,800 RTs 200,935 RTs 236,952 RTs 421,459 RTs FOLLOWING THIS LOGIC... ANGELINA'S HAND 88,778 RTs PETER'S SUIT J-LAW'S DRESS 502,023 RTs 188,930 RTs ELLEN'S SUIT BRADLEY'S BEARD 351,005 RTs 443,575 RTs ANGELINA'S HAND PROBABLY HAS MORE RTS THAN YOU. CONGRATULATIONS, INTERNET! BY NOAH LEVINSON + JACKIE MUCILLI SOURCES: BRAND WATCH, TWITTER, @CLASEHIT

Ellen DeGeneres' Celebrity Selfie

shared by nathanadkisson on Mar 10
Ellen DeGeneres sent out an historic tweet Sunday night during the Oscars, racking up over 3 million retweets and possibly even breaking Twitter for 20 social-media-silent minutes. But we wondered who...


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