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2014 Social Media Do's and Don'ts

MAGIC LOGIX UPDATED JANUARY 2014 Dos & Don'ts of INTEGRATED MARKETING AGENCY SOCIAL MEDIA Customer Communication Brand Exposure Site Traffic SEO Central hub for businesses to drive social interaction; Allows compa- nies to get their messages out and obtain customer feedback. Great for user newsfeed engagement; Business pages + parent/child updates allow you to monitor multiple locations & position brands on other pages. A top traffic source for many sites, but the viral potential is low. How- ever, the ability to drive steady traffic to every post is consistent. Google's external search engine traffic referrals to pages is around 34% - significant enough to imple- ment SEO practices on your page. Noise and spam have reduced the ability to send direct traffic. How- ever, it's a good tool for assisting with traffic from other sites. Signaled out as a component of Google's algorithm. Links are "no- follow" but the social component is real and growing in prominence. All inbound customer communications are quick and concise, which allows for simple monitoring and manage- ment of conversations. What others say about you has the real impact. The ability to retweet and interact with followers helps a brand more than any other social site. Not essential, but used to engage cus- tomers by encouraging employees to answer industry-related questions in groups to become experts. Excellent for personal branding and exhibiting professional prowess. Have employees maintain their profiles to show off your solid team. Proper management of business pages and interaction in relevant groups can help drive traffic to your website. High page rank & almost guaranteed to rank on first page of SERP's, espe- cially for individual employees. Great for backlinks & company goals. in Controversy exists of whether or not +1's affect search rankings, but overall this network shows up high on SERP's and provides valuable backlinks as well. Circles & Communities allow you to target Studies show that traffic from Google+ your message to groups of prospective cli- ents &customers, rather than having them generalized for entire online market. A reported 105 million unique visitors per month equates to a large possibil- ity of exposure for your brand. to sites that have the +1 button is 3.5x g+ greater than traffic from Google+ to sites without the +1 button. A powerful channel for responding to customer complaints, displaying social media savvy, and for reputation management. Second only to Facebook when people are researching a company. Be certain that the messages are frequent and consistent. Growing in the traffic generation segment, particularly through in- video messaging through annota- tions and URL branding. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the net. It's now also tied in with G+ and videos rank well in search. You Tube As a PR tool it gives company- sponsored events a professional pictorial home and is more organized than Facebook. Improved search rankings and inte- gration with other social sites makes it the choice for high-quality images. Facebook is better for bulk images. Even if you get thousands of visits to a photo with your URL hyperlinked below, the click-through rates are among the lowest around. Highly indexed in search engines and passes links and page rank. It's also a part of Google and Bing's social search component. Provides visual interpretation for your brand, but is not and ideal platform for An interesting and engaging eye to detail can help promote brand awareness, even in Sepia tone. Links in photo descriptions via mobile are not clickable. Website address in While web based Instagram pages exist, this platform will not be a cornerstone of your SEO strategy. info is, but offers little promise for site traffic. customer serviçce issues. You can showcase your company with PR related images, but this won't be the ideal promotional tool for every company. Great for businesses with high visual elements. Typically better suited for B2C as opposed to B2B. The use of proper keywords, compelling images and links can help drive traffic to your website. Links are No-Follow, and this network is more of a community. Use it with that in mind, not as an SEO tool. The best social news traffic-genera- tion site on the internet. Quality and originality are key - if a message isn't viral, it will not be approved. Only the extremely adept can use it as Attempting to build your brand on Reddit is virtually impossible. It won't happen, and it's likely to turn very ugly if you try. If you make the front page, a lot of sites will pick up your story, generat- ing valuable back links. If not, the site is not very beneficial. a customer communication tool, Pro- moting a company to the masses with Reddit has a chance of backfiring. With over 139 million Tumblr blogs, this platform can be excellent for communication if used correctly. The simple platform and extreme abil- ity to have content shared on it makes it a viable branding tool. Gen Y is mi- grating to Tumblr to share opinions. Images can get traffic, otherwise, there is no real traffic potential. It may expand, but currently almost all activity happens on Tumblr. Its blogging nature allows for a high potential from a link-building per- spective. The sites themselves also rank well in search engines. t. The largest power point sharing community, good presentations can equal broad exposure for your brand. With 60 million monthly visitors at a page rank of 8,130M page views, there's plenty of potential to draw people to your site. Search engines include “notes" text, so properly optimized presentations are huge. Also great for leads and referral traffic. Better for informational/educational purposes. However, it can be used to reply to queries about specific customer messages. Magic Logix / 3234 Commander Drive / Carrollton, Texas 75006 / P: 214.694.2162 / F: 972.692.5737 / WWW.MAGICLOGIX.COM SLIDESHARE TUMBLR REDDIT PINTEREST INSTAGRAM FLICKR YOUTUBE GOOGLE + LINKEDIN TWITTER FACEBOOK GO FOR IT! 09 ON AVS

2014 Social Media Do's and Don'ts

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