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Your Guide To Telescopes

Telescepes Your Guide to. What is a Telescope? Telescopes are long tubes with internal mirrors and lenses designed to make far objects look near. People use these devices to observe the various stars, planets, moons, and other objects in the sky. Objective Lens Galileo's telescope Concave Lens Brief History How Does A Telescope Work? 1608: Hans Lipperhey tried to patent the first telescope with 3x magnification. However, in Incoming Light 1609 Objective Lens Optics GALILEO GALILEI Eyepiece created a 20x telescope, REFRACTOR TELESCOPE pointed it towards the sky and. Saw the detailed surface of the Subsequently published Sidereus Nuncius Discovered the 4 moons of Moon Jupiter Focused onto objective lens collects light Light reflects eyepiece for viewing in March 1610 off mirror Is A Telescope What I Need? What do you want to see? O Planetary Objects * Nebulae & Galaxies I Ships and Boats Y Birds and Planes T Wildlife Are you a beginner? Do you want something handheld? Yes No Reflector Telescope Yes No Beginner's Telescopes You need Binoculars Will you use it for land viewing? Will you use it for Astronomy too? No Yes Yes No Spotting Scopes Cassegrain Telescope Refractor Telescope Astronomy Binoculars Look up & see.. THE MOON BINARY STARS STAR CLUSTERS THE SUN PLANETS NEBULAE GALAXIES COMETS Need Help? ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETIES CHARTS & MAPS SOFTWARE If you don't get a software with your telescope, purchase one. It's great to have a planetarium software handy! Joining astronomy clubs are a great way Star charts, star maps or moon maps are great in helping you locate or identify sky objects to learn and meet other enthusiasts References Brought to you by PTICS CENTRAL html http://inventorsabout com/od/gstartinventors/a/Galileo Galilei.htm

Your Guide To Telescopes

shared by opticscentral on Jun 12
A guide that answers some of the questions of first-time telescope buyers. Is a telescope really what you need? Sometimes it's a spotting scope you are looking for, or a pair of binoculars. The flowch...


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