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The Total Solar Eclipse in Australia and New Zealand 14 November 2012 (v.2)

THE SOLAR ECLIPSE AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND 2012 Umbra Penumbra if you are located in the umbra area, you will be able to see the total solar eclipse! If you are located in the penumbra area, you can see a partial solar eclipse THE PROGRESS )) 1st Contact 2nd Contact TOTALITY 3rd Contact 4th Contact The first bright light When the edge of the moon touches the edge of the sun. Light shining on the Moon's surface with the diamond ring The moon is directly in front of the sun, The edge of the revealed with moon leaves the showing the solar diamond ring effect. edge of the sun. effect. corona. THE PATH SOUTH AMERICA SOUTH PACIFIC OCEAN CAIRNS Just 30 km South of the central line. AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND Sweet Spot: Totality can only be seen from Cairns CAIRNS 14. 11.2012 TOTALITY O START 5:45AM PEAK 6:39AM AU ENDS 7:41AM ADELAIDE BRISBANE CANBERRA SYDNEY MELBOURNE DARWIN PARTIAL PARTIAL PARTIAL PARTIAL PARTIAL PARTIAL START 6:43AM START 5:56AM START 7:10AM START 7:07AM START 7:16AM START 5:17AM MAX. 7:31AM MAX. 6:55AM MAX. 8:04AM MAX. 8:03AM MAX. 8:06AM MAX. 6:06AM ENDS 8:23AM ENDS 7:59AM ENDS 9:03AM ENDS 9:04AM ENDS 9:01AM ENDS 6:10AM НОBART PERTH AUCKLAND CHRISTCHURCH WELLINGTON NZ PARTIAL PARTIAL PARTIAL PARTIAL PARTIAL START 7:26AM START 5:34AM START 9:18AM START 7:16AM START 5:17AM MAX. 8:15AM MAX. 6:53AM MAX. 10:28AM MAX. 8:06AM MAX. 6:06AM ENDS 9:08AM ENDS 6:53AM ENDS 11:45AM ENDS 9:01AM ENDS 6:10AM WARNING SOLAR ECLIPSE SHADES Lightwelght Cardboard body Observe the solar eclipse using proper solar filter DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY CE certified, AS 1338.2 & 1338.3 AT THE SUN DO NOT USE: Sunglasses, Photographic film, Smoked glass, Floppy disk, any optical instrument without proper solar filter. Blocks intense 100% Ultra Violet UV" harmful radiation Black Polymer Material 100% Infra Red IR" Optical Density: 5 99.999% intense visible light * FACTS MYTHS ΜΥTHS Ancient China : Local animals and birds often prepare for sleep or behave confusedly during totality. A solar eclipse is considered a bad omen. The sun is being swallowed by a celestial dragon. The ancient Chinese had a tradition of frightening the dragon away with drums and pots. The longest duration of a solar eclipse recorded is 37.5 Hindu Mythology: minutes. The solar eclipse represents two demons, Rahu 2-5X Frequency of annual occurence & Ketu swallowing the sun. Pregnant women are encouraged to hide (to prevent birth defects) and perform ritual baths in holy rivers. REFERENCES HTTP://ECLIPSE.GSFC.NASA.GOV/SEGOOGLE/SEGOOGLE2001/SE2012NOV13TGOOGLE.HTML Brought to you by HTTP://www.SBS.COM.AU/NEWS/ARTICLE/1056026/SOLAR-ECLIPSE-MYTHS-AND-FACTS HTTP://ECLIPSE.GSFC.NASA.GOV/SEHELP/SAFETY2.HTML OPTICS CENTRAL HTTP://WwW.ECLIPSECAIRNS.COM/ HTTP://WwW.TIMEANDDATE.COM/ECLIPSE/IN.HTML SPECIAL THANKS DANIEL FISCHER - HTTP://SKYWEEK. WORDPRESS.COM

The Total Solar Eclipse in Australia and New Zealand 14 November 2012 (v.2)

shared by opticscentral on Oct 22
We updated this infographic to illustrate the expected eclipse view per region in Australia and New Zealand. Protective Gear is necessary when viewing the eclipse - They can be purchased here http://g...


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