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Neuroplasticity: The Remarkable Ability of Our Brain to Adapt

BRAIN NEUROPLASTICITY Our Body's Backup system The human brain is a marvelous thing. It helps us learn and adapt. Central to these abilities is neuroplasticity, which allows our human brain to reorganize itself as necessary -- even after traumatic brain injuries (TBIS). Neurons: 3 MAIN THE BODY'S INFORMATION 1 SUPERHIGHWAY WHAT IS A SYNAPSE? TYPES A SYSTEM BY WHICH SIGNALS GLIAL CELLS ARE PASSED FROM AN AXON TERMINAL TO A DENDRITE NEURON SUPPORT SYNAPTIC MOTOR AXON TERMINAL CLEFT SOMA DENDRITE NEUROTRANSMITTERS SENSORY DENDRITES AXON AXON TERMINALS RECIEVE INCOMING SIGNALS SEND OUTGOING SIGNALS FROM OTHER NEURONS TO OTHER NEURONS INTERNEURON NEURONS MAKE UP THE OTHER HUMAN BRAINS HAVE SHRUNK Brain Facts 10% 90% 10% OF BRAIN CELLS ARE GLIA (GLUE) CELLS OVER THE PAST Neurons & Glia 5000 YEARS BRAINS HAVE APPROX. 30K 86 FORM DURING CAN THE SIZE THE NEURONS FIT ON 2ND Trimester THE OF YOUR BRAIN INTELLIGENCE BILLION HEAD NEURONS OF A 2012 Estimate PIN THE BRAIN USES ADULT BRAINS TAKE UP AND COMPRISES 20% &-20% 2% 80% of oxygen in the blood of glucose sugar of total of the body mass cranium Men & women's BRAIN WEIGHT: brains 3 Ibs. FEEL PAIN Ave Adult 1 Ibs. Teen brains are NOT fully formed, especially these regions: differently At Birth judgement decision- making multi- tasking Traumatic Brain Injuries in the US Total Economic Cost of TBI 2002-2006 CDC Report: in the US, 2010 Over 1.7 Million Americans suffer a TBI each year $76.5 b 1.70 M $69 billion FATAL TBI & TBI REQUIRING HOSPITALIZATION 1.37 M (81%) TREATED AT THE EMERGENCY ROOM & RELEASED 2 TYPES OF TBI closed penetrating 277 K 16%1 53 K 13%1 HOSPITALIZED DIE Brain strikes the Foreign object in skull inside of skull MAIN CAUSES OF TBI Falling 35.2% Most at risk: 65+ year olds 16.5% 17.3% Struck by/against Vehicle Crashes 21% 10% Other/ Unknown TBI IS A FACTOR FOR NEARLY Assault 1 IN 3 Includes Sports Injuries injury-related deaths of UP TO MEN ARE 1.5X more IRAQ WAR VETERANS 20% have some level of TBI SUCCEPTIBLE TO TBI Neuroplasticity What is it? Plasticity allows for specific body or brain functionality as represented in the brain to move to a different region of the brain, if and when necessary. MIND MOVERS STAGE 1 STAGE 2 STAGE 3 FETAL PHASE ADULTHOOD POST INJURY Brain grows & organizes Memory & learning Regain functionality, leverage whatť's left A 2006 study showed: LONDON CABBIES tend to have a larger hippocampus than BUS DRIVERS Why? MUSICIANS practicing 1 hr / day have more gray matter Predetermined routes don't require complex spatial reasoning than those who don't Yoga & Meditation Research indicates meditation can change the structure and function of the brain in a positive - Yoga can increase alpha waves in the brain - Meditating before exams can increase performance Scores - Yoga can increase Gamma-aminobutyric (GABA) levels in the brain, which alleviates depression & anxiety Fun Facts: Einstein's Brain UNUSUALLY THICK CONNECTION BETWEEN HEMISPHERES (CORPUS CALLOSUM) PARTS OF LEFT HEMISPHERE LARGER THAN NORMAL LARGER THAN AVERAGE PREFONTAL CORTEX WEIGHT AT DEATH: 2.71 LBS (SMALLER THAN AVERAGE) SUGGESTS LEARNING CAN CHANGE THE STRUCTURE OF THE BRAIN Brought to you by: -your-brain/ kingworks creative

Neuroplasticity: The Remarkable Ability of Our Brain to Adapt

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The human brain is an amazing thing! It has the capacity to adapt and reorganize itself as necessary — even after traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) .


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