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Celebrating Space Exploration and Technology

1969 to CELEBRATING SPACE EXPLORATION AND TECHNOLOGY 2014 THE NEW FRONTIÈR THE HUNT FOR WATER ON THE MAKING THE INTERPLANETÁRY INTERNET A REALITY RED PLANET Mini-TES and other remote sensing.devices are deployed on the surface of Mars to analyze material composition. New communications networks and protocols such as Disruption Tolerant Netwórking will bring the reliability and accuracy we've come to expect from the Internet to Deep Space Satellite communication. The extreme cold of Martian winters and month-long dust storms requires the technology to operate in harsh conditions. 005+ DAILY LIFE. AND UNDERSTANDING OF EARTH TRANSFORMED SPACE IMAGERY ADVANCES TELECOMMUNICATIONS: FROM'BALLOONS TO MODERN SATELLÍTE COMMUNICATIONS Earth imagery gives meteorologists indispensable weathe forecasting data and helps quantify long-term climate change. Echo: NASA's first communications satellite was balloon shaped and measured 100 feet (30 meters) in diameter. Echo was used for telephone, radio and TV signals from 1960 to 1968. Sale potatgpe of tekhaa VIIRS' first-of-its-kind sensing technology can be used to detect fires, smoke and atmospheric aerosols. undwgenga The first Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite was launched in 1978; 18 years later, President William J. Clinton opened the system for commercial use. 2012: NASA releases 'Earth at Night" series showing the world's most detailed images.of Earth at night. Originally conceived and built during the '60s and '70s, the GPS system relied on mainframe technology until 2012. 198 0% UNMANNED SPACE EXPLORATION: SOLAR SYSTEM ESCAPE VELOCITY ACHIEVED NUCLEAR'ENERGY: OPERATING IN INTERSTELLAR SPACE BRÉAKING OUT OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM Radioisotope power Systems are cruciāl for long-term, deep space missions. The systems provide basic fuel and keep spacecraft components warm enougb to function far away from the sun. Launched in 1972, Pioneer 10 was the first spacecraft to travel through the Asteroid belt. Ne Varoher Pioneer 10 could claim it was the most remote manmade. object until 1998 when it was passed by Voyager. Pioneer 10 and 11 were both powered by four radioisotope thermoelectric generators and were byilt to withstand intense radiation from planets further oút in the solar system. Naren 18 bent 1970 Pioneer 10 went silent in 2003. JFK'S MISSION TO THE MOON REALIZED: ONE SMALL STEP FOR MAN Apollo Guidance Computer One of the world's circuit-based computers; its electronics were more basic than today's toasters Millions of people watched the lunar landing as it happened through a vacuum tu pioneered in the '50s. integrated Raytheon Its ROM (Read Only Memory) came from copper wires hand-woven by Raytheon employees. Its real-time operatmg : system allowed the astronauts to use pairs of nouns and verbs to control.the spacecraft. 1969 Sadson ptoto cuts of Dad Meeman Sat fen "Matting tha Moon. Raytheon Customer Success Is Our Mission

Celebrating Space Exploration and Technology

shared by RaytheonCSR on Jul 21
Raytheon is celebrating the 45th anniversary of Apollo 11's moon landing.




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