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All Forms of Energy on Earth Came from the Big Bang

BIG BANG: ORIGIN OF ALL ENERGY ON PLANET EARTH FOSSIL FUELS, NUCLEAR AND RENEWABLE ENERGY Big Bang: 13.7 Billion Years Ago Most Forms of Tidal and Fossil Fuels: Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas Nuclear Energy Renewable Energy Geothermal Later 4 - 5 billion years ago 4.54 billion years ago Light, simple elements become heavier ones in novas and supernovas 4.54 billion years ago Over the past few billion years Earth formed - Solar system formed heat energy inside caused by friction, compaction, and radioactivity Ever since... Earth receives the sun's energy and stores it in the chemical bonds of hydrocarbons within plant and animal life forms, most long-since dead and decayed Small amounts of large, unstable elements, e.g., uranium, wind up on Earth as it was formed, in addition to large amounts of simple elements, e.g., hydrogen 4.49 billion years ago Now The Earth receives energy from the sun: currently, all 7 billion of us use 6000 times less energy every day than we get from the sun Moon formed about 50 million years later in giant impact, causes tides in Earth's oceans Now Now Now Nuclear power plants split those large atoms in a process called fission. Also, hydrogen atoms can be forced together in the process known as fusion. Both convert small amounts of mass into large amounts of energy. Standard -2791 -2091 Most renewable power comes from energy that was relatively recently received from the sun Energy can be extracted from these sources We extract, refine and burn these substances 2Green. Energy creative commons CC

All Forms of Energy on Earth Came from the Big Bang

shared by kcatoto on Dec 28
As a part of our ongoing quest to produce “infographics” that lay out the basics of energy, I invite you to check out the chart here, presenting the notion that all the energy we harness and use h...




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