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That’s a Lot of Rockets

Rockets of the World wwww These research rockets and space launch vehicles are depicted at 1/300 scale. The human figure below gives an idea of their size. PSLV (SRO I| B0120IH LM-2E 中國 航天 ar ane 5 esa esa ЭНЕРГИЯ CCCP YMEP © 1995 Peter Alway, Saturn Press, PO Box 3709, Ann Arbor, MI 48106-3709, in cooperation with CSPACE Press, PO Box 9331, Grand Rapids, MI 49509-0331. Find out more about these rockets in the book Rockets of the World from Saturn Press. Follow space developments and history in Countdown and Quest magazines from CSPACE Press. Rasko-2, Poland MR-12, USSR Aerobee 350, USA Delta E, USA Rohini RH-75, India MR-20, USSR ARS-2, USA ----HI - C Proton, USSR Ariane 1, Europe Lambda-4S, Japan HW-2, Germany Skylark, UK Arcas, USA Trailblazer I, USA Aerobee Hi, USA RP-3, Poland Sputnik, USSR Taurus-Tomahawk, USA Loki Rockoon, USA Atlas IIAS, USA Bumper, USA GIRD-09, USSR Nike-Tomahawk, USA ПР Meteor-1, Poland LLV-1, USA MX-774, USA HASP, USA NIPPON : Mercury-Atlas, USA Goddard 1926, USA H-2, Japan Aerobee 150A, USA Super Loki-Dart, USA Shavit, Israel Space Shuttle, USA Deacon, USA Long March 1, China Shotput, USA MMR-06, USSR Jupiter, USA ALSOR Viper, USA STAT wS Small Cosmos (B-1), USSR Diamant A, France Black Knight, UK Deacon Rockoon, USA Titan III E, USA Sparrow-HV Arcas, USA V-11-A, USSR V-2-A, USSR Asp, USA Europa I, Europe Zenit, USSR Orion II, Argentina OTRAG 1, W. Germany V-5-V, USSR Astrobee D, USA Atlas-Agena D, USA DNITE D STATES Aerobee 300, USA Saturn I Block 1, USA Meteor-3, Poland Meteor-2K, Poland Astrobee 1500, USA STATE Juno I, USA DNITEWD STATES Delta M, USA Project Pilot, USA Saturn I Block 2, USA UN- NU Connestoga 1, USA Sonda 1, Brazil CZ-2C ON NO Diamant B-P4, France Long March 2C, China Terrapin, USA Long March 2E, China Kappa-9, Japan Sparta, USA IQSY Tomahawk, USA Black Brant IV, Canada Large Cosmos (C-1), USSR Orion, USA Vanguard, USA Black Brant VIII, Canada Black Brant III, Canada Soyuz, USSR DZ-TEO STATES Goddard L-16, USA Gemini-Titan II, USA Terrier-Sandhawk, USA UNITE O MTAT w Scout, USA Kappa 6, Japan Vesta, France Sonda 2, Brazil SLV-3, India Nike Smoke, USA Energiya-Buran, USSR Vostok, USSR Juno II, USA Apollo-LES, USA Maul Photo Rocket, Germany INTA-255, Spain Ariane 5, Europe X-17, USA ASLV, India HAD, Australia RAM B, USA Hermes RV-A-10, USA Titan III C, USA Mu-4-S, Japan Aero-High, Australia Ariane 4, Europe LORCE Viking Model II, USA A-3, Germany Diamant B, France Iris, USA Titan IV, USA Black Arrow, UK Tsiklon, USSR Thor-Agena A, USA Wac Corporal, USA Viking Model I, USA ED STATES Veronique, France 100 feet Atlas-Score, USA Saturn IB, USA Delta II, USA V-2, Germany 50 meters Dragon III, France STATES DZ-TED Mercury-Redstone, USA Sandhawk, USA DC-X, USA Atlas-Centaur, USA Nike-Deacon, USA Little Joe II, USA Javelin, USA Astrobee 500, USA ONITE O OTA TES N1, USSR Nike-Cajun, USA Molniya, USSR Black Brant V, Canada Pegasus, USA Taurus, USA Aries, USA 130 Thor-Able, USA Maxus, Sweden/Germany Aerobee, USA Long March 3, China Nike-Asp, USA STAT wS Delta B, USA Little Joe I, USA DZ-TED STATES Nike-Apache, USA Saturn V, USA M-100B, USSR LETE PSLV, India V-3-A, USSR Trailblazer II, USA Black Brant II, Canada Titan III B, USA Mu-3SII, Japan Black Brant X, Canada Astrobee 200, USA

That’s a Lot of Rockets

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This is an illustration from physics professor Peter Alway's 1995 book Rockets of the World. That little black-and-yellow smudge in the second row, that's the V–2. It’s quite amazing what a monste...




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