U.S Elections

"U.S. ELECTIONS $ THE COMIC WORLD" In real life, Batman would most probably be a. Independent 48% Republican Democrat 25% 27% Which of the following Superheroes would make a better candidate for Republicans? SPIDERMAN BATMAN JOKER CPT. AMERICA 8% 16% 18% 59% If Romney was a comic character, who would be his Sidekick? Sarah Palin 45% Rick Santorum 28% Kerry Healey 8% Rick Perry 19% If Obama was a comic character, who would be his Sidekick? Hillary Clinton 47% Tim Kaine 8% Leon Panetta 8% Joe Biden 37% If Obama and Romney were comic characters what superpower would Hhey have? YES I CAN. 33% 67% READ YOUR MIND WHERE IS MY CAPE? Mind Control Mind Control 33% 13% Telepathy Superhuman Strength 20% 12% Flying Invisibiliky 14% 8% Superhuman Strength Firebreathing What is your age group 41% 26% 27% 6% Under 25 25-35 35-45 Over 45 Copyright © Safe Harbour Software Ltd Jeebboo enter o act o win

U.S Elections

shared by quinto on Jul 20
"U.S Elections and the Comic World" is a fun perspective of how people see the upcoming elections, the two candidates in respect to the world of comics. The results are gathered from a poll performed ...


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