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The Fate of the Nation

THE FATE OF THE NATION is yours to decide, OBAMA'S Do you agree with Obama's opinions on key issues? performance "Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could 43.1* ALWAYS do this is by not voting." 32.1* NEVER 18.1 RARELY Franklin D. Roosevelt How do you feel about the Do you approve or disapprove of how Obama is handling the economy? direction the country is headed? 47.2% 44.8% approve Right Direction 52.8%X 2.4% х 50.7% disapprove Wrong Direction Undecided MITT ROMNEY'S How familiar are you with Mitt Romney's position on key political issues? What is your overall opinion of Mitt Romney? chances 46.4% 51% favorable 65.8% unfavorable VERY FAMILIAR FAMILIAR Do you believe Mitt Romney 27.5% 6.3 NOT FAMILIAR could beat Obama? Republicen Does a candidate's religion influence your vote? Democrat yes no Do you have reservations about Mitt Romney as the GOP presidential candidate? 20.1% yes yes no 75.3% no 60.7% 35.3% SAME SEX Which is more important: job creation, or same sex marriage? marriage 32 Do you support same sex marriage? both gay marriage 6% 45.4% YES jobs 55.4% NO 62% SAME SEX MARRIAGE will this help or hurt their election chances? Obama supports Romney opposes 27.7% 50.2% 51.5% 31.9% help hurt help hurt OBAMA'S HEALTHCARE APPROVED Do you believe healthcare should be a right for every U.S. citizen? reform MAR 2 3 2010 Are you concerned about the cost associated with the healthcare reform? June 28, 2012, Congress declared Obamacare 45.2 VERY CONCERNED 27.5 SOMEWHAT CONCERNED CONSTITUTIONAL 64.1% 32.8% 6.3% NOT CONCERNED Should Congress repeal Obamacare or let it stand? yes no Do you believe Americans are aware of what the new healthcare law entails? 11.6% yes 55.9% 43.1% 86% let it stand no repeal Do you believe the new 55.4% healthcare reform will 40.4% yes no have a positive impact *on your personal healthcare in terms of cost and coverage? THE 2012 ELECTIONS If the election were today, who would you vote for? 51.3% OBAMA 44.5% ROMNEY 4.2% NOT SURE CC PHOTO BY CHRIS DEVERS presented by be heard now at POLITICAL POLITICAL.COM

The Fate of the Nation

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The fate of the nation is yours to decide.


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