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United States of America Presidential Election 2012

January December *********** United States of America Presidential Election 2012 **** Isnbny Ayne ounr State Primary/Caucus Republican/Democratic Party Convention Televised Debate General Election President Formally Elected 1 State Primaries and Caucuses A series of primary elections and caucuses are held to select which delegates from each party will go forward to support their choice for presidential candidate at the national conventions later in the year. A caucus is a meeting of party members who discuss and debate issues before making their decision. Primaries are similar to general elections with voters casting their votes at polling stations. Various third parties will hold primaries and gather signatures for petitions to land spots on presidential ballots. However, much of the media's attention throughout the campaign will be on the two largest political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats. Primary/Caucus Schedule: January February March April May June 4 - Nevada (c) 10 - New Hampshire (p) 4-11 - Maine (c) 7- Colorado (c) Minnesota (c) Missouri (p)" 28 - Arizona (p) Michigan (p) 3 - Washington (c) 6 - Alaska (c) Georgia (p) Idaho (c) Massachusetts (p) 24 - Connecticut (p) North Dakota (c) Ohio (p) Oklahoma (p) Tennessee (p) Vermont (p) 5- California (p) Montana (p) New Jersey (p) New Mexico (p) South Dakota (p) 24 - Utah (p) 3 - District of Columbia (p) Maryland (p) Wisconsin (p) Texas (p) 3- lowa (c) 8 - Indiana (p) North Carolina (p) West Virginia (p) 15 - Nebraska (p) Oregon (p) 22 - Arkansas (p) Kentucky (p) 21 - South Carolina (p) 31 - Florida (p) Delaware (p) New York (p) Pennsylvania (p) Rhode Island (p) Virginia (p) Wyoming (p) 6-10 - Kansas (c) 10 - U.S. Virgin Islands (c) 13 - Alabama (p) Hawaii (c) Mississippi (primary) 17 - Missouri (c) 20 - Illinois (p) 24 - Louisiana (p) Primary (p) Caucus (c) With Barack Obama essentially unopposed for the Democratic nomination much of the focus in the first half of 2012 will be on who the Republican Party elects as their presidential candidate. Some candidates will suspend their campaigns after poor performance in the early stages. Candidate Selected President Elected Barack Obama Newt Gingrich Jon Huntsman Republican candidates in the Ron Paul running as of January 9 Rick Perry Mitt Romney Rick Santorum 2 Campaign Heats Up The Republican presidential candidate will not officially be decided until the party gathering in late August. However, the likely winner will probably be known by the time the primaries are completed. Further campaigning and fundraising will continue over the summer months. 3 National Conventions At the Republican Convention August 27-30 in Tampa and the Democratic Convention September 3-6 in Charlotte the delegates selected in the primaries and caucuses will formally nominate their presidential candidate. A vice presidential candidate will also officially be announced at this time. The Constitution, Libertarian, Americans Elect, Green and other third parties hold their conventions between April and July. 4 Campaign Home Stretch Candidates compete to seek the support of the voters. Televised debates are scheduled for October 4, 11, 16 and 22. Much of the candidates' time, particularly in the later stages of the campaign, will be spent in contentious "swing" states. 5 General Election Citizens cast their votes on November 6 to select groups of electors who will represent their states in the electoral college. These members will meet and formally vote to elect the president and vice president on December 17. Electoral votes are formally counted at a joint session of Congress on January 6, 2013; the president of the Senate then formally announces the result. The president and vice president are then inaugurated on January 20, 2013. * Missouri will hold a primary on February 7, which will not count for delegates toward the Republican National Convention. The Missouri Republican Party will hold a caucus on March 17 which will determine it's delegates. Source: February November

United States of America Presidential Election 2012

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This infographic provides everything you need to know about the 2012 presidential elections. Anywhere from debates, to primary elections, here you can find out everything you want to know about the 20...


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