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The Presidential Battle

the PRESIDENTIAL BATTLE IN THE MOBILE APP WORLD THEIR MOBILE PHONES BY THE MAN A MATCH MADE VOTERS of registered voters own a cell phone of some kind ROUGHLY 88% НALF of registered voters own a smart phone VS. of the most active of the most active Android 70% 70% iPhone states vote Democrat-- states vote Republican ANDROID IPHONE US STATES OVER & UNDER INDEXING FOR ANDROID VS. IPHONE USAGE majority Androld users and Republican state majority Android users and Democratic state majority iPhone users and Democratic state majority Android users and swing state majority IPhone users and Republican state majority iPhone users and swing state TOP THINGS PEOPLE DO ON THEIR SMARTPHONES RAMSHNG 62282 Barack has chosen Senator Joe Bden to be our VP nonines. Watch the frst Obama-Biden 74% Detles OF THOSE: 19% 5% 5% have sent texts related to the campaign have signed up to receive text messages directly from a candidate's campaign. have received unwanted election- related text of registered voters with a cell phone use text messages messages that they did not sign up to receive. of the total US mobile audience accesses social networks on phones 18% posted a comment about a candidate's campaign on a social network. 35% THERE'S AN facebook APP FOR THAT users can show their friends whom they intend to vote for -and- which political issues are most important to them. 45% read others' campaign comments on a social networking site facebook Search for people, places and things CN POLITICS = I'M VOTING Take the Voting Ple M VOTING AS OF 10/16/12]: 90,000erthly 151,978 23° CANDIDATES YOU ECONOMY IMMIGRATION HEALTH CARE How sure are you about your pick for president? users ( Prev Question Next Quetion have pledged to vote The Issue: The campaigns wil be in overdrive until Election Day on November 6, hoping to win sure support from undecided voters. Other Choices: Absolutelu certain It could chanae Independent 53% ON POLITICS A 6" PBS I'M VOTING Democrat 41% Obama 5% Education app users 5% Healthcare 24% Republican 3* Middle East TOP 3 MOBILE SEARCH QUERIES THAT CONTAIN THE PHRASE 'OBAMA': 1. Obama (or Barack Obama) 2. Obamacare 3. Obama Romney Debate Mobile "election related searches" TOP 3 MOBILE SEARCH QUERIES THAT CONTAIN THE PHRASE 'ROMNEY: 1. Romney (or Mitt Romney) 2. Big bird Romney 3. Mitt Romney bio 38% Romney 2% Economy WHICH CANDIDATE HAS TAKEN OVER YOUR PHONE AND YOUR VOTE? WHO IS MORE SOCIAL? 4X AS MUCH 1/3 ON 2X AS MANY 1/6 THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN IS POSTING OF ROMNEY'S TWITTER AND FACEBOOK POSTS WERE ABOUT OBAMA SOCIAL CONTENT AND IS ACTIVE OF OBAMA'S TWITTER AND FACEBOOK POSTS YES, WE CAN TWITTER SOCIAL PLATFORMS WERE ABOUT ROMNEY Obama campaign averages 5.5 tweets per day. Romney campaign averages just 1 tweet per day. You Tube tweets videos likes 64% 6,816 2,684 30,895,289 of U.S. Internet users say Obama is more adept at social media and online persuasion 1,240 274 9,501,643 ARE MOBILE USERS PAYING ATTENTION TO PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES? 52X MORE SEARCHES FOR BIG BIRD WERE CONDUCTED FROM OCT3 TO OCT 4 Mobile search on October Mobile search on October ON OCT SRD, FOR EVERY 100 OBAMA MOBILE SEARCHES THERE WERE Carrier 4 9:09 PM 3 57 ROMNEY Home Gmail Calendar Reader More MOBILE SEARCHES. 100 Obama iGoogle ON OCT. 4TH, FOR EVERY 100 OBAMA Google MOBILE SEARCHES Local Nows Romney Web Images THERE WERE 97 ROMNEY Google Search MOBILE SEARCHES. Mobile Search and Find: What will your next political search turn up? Sources tense/2012/08/07/digital_divide_minorities_more_likely than whites_to own_smartphones.html. and voter_participation.html ComScore "2012 Mobile Future in Focus" (PDF) use web and social media StartApp mobile search Presented by Startapp [email protected]

The Presidential Battle

shared by NowSourcing on Nov 01
The 2012 Presidential election is in a few days. Find out how both candidates are using mobile apps to reach their voters.




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