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The Social Campaign: The Growing Reach of Social Media’s Election Impact

by: @MDGadvertising B The Social Campaign THE GROWING REACH OF SOCIAL MEDIA'S ELECTION IMPACT The 2008 presidential election made history. Part of that history was the unprecedented importance of social media. In the months leading up to the November vote, more people than ever before used social networks to learn about and share information on the candidates, issues, and campaigns. And since then, the social media world has expanded even more. We explore just how far it reaches, and what that could mean for the 2012 election. U.S. SOCIAL MEDIA THEN AND NOW The 2008 election was a landmark for the unprecedented effect of social media on the presidential campaign. Social Network Users With social media penetration on a continuing rise, here's a look at how many more people will be using various social networks by the 2012 elections. Percentage of all Internet 2008 29% users 2011 65% FACEBOOK USERS* = 10 million In Millions (milion 3א ד ל 2008 BB5, (1433 milion) 2012 2012 Projected Penetration Among Internet Users: 60% TWITTER USERS* = 1 million In Millions (3.4 million) 2008 2012 (24.1 million) 2012 Projected Penetration Among Internet Users: 12.5% ONLINE VIDEO VIEWERS = 10 million In Millions 2008 | (121.4 million) 2012 (178.8 million) Users watching at least one video online per month *Data represents Internet users age 18+ who access their Facebook/Twitter account at least once a month, according to Emarketer. *Projected numbers. SPOTLIGHT ON THE 2008 ELECTION AND THE INTERNET How Voters Used the Internet in the 2008 Election Online activities related to the presidential election varied by age group, though older adults were more likely to share content. 100 90 80 18-29 70 67% 62% 60 54% 49% 50 47% 44% 44% 419 40% 40% 40 30-49 30 22% 21% 20 17% 10 27% 50-64 65+ WATCHED ONLINE POLITICAL VIDEOS SHARED ELECTION-RELATED NEWS ENGAGED POLITICALLY ON A SOCIAL NETWORK POSTED ORIGINAL CONTENT RELATED TO THE ELECTION The Dawn of Social Media Elections Consumption of Election News In 2008, social networks became platforms for learning and sharing about the election. 29%) DISCOVERED FRIENDS' POLITICAL Even in 2008, roughly 1 in 4 adults consumed INTERESTS OR AFFILIATIONS. election news online. OF SOCIAL MEDIA USERS 22% 35% OF INTERNET USERS RECEIVED MOST LEARNED ABOUT CANDIDATES OF THEIR ELECTION NEWS ONLINE. THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA. 26% OF ALL ADULTS RECEIVED MOST OF 10% SIGNED UP AS A FAN/FOLLOWER OF A CANDIDATE. THEIR ELECTION NEWS ONLINE. SPOTLIGHT ON THE 2012 ELECTION AND THE INTERNET Social media's reach and information exchange has made the U.S. elections a worldwide topic of heated, real-time debate. The growth of social media worldwide has had an impact and affects those conversations online. Today's Voters and Social Media By the end of 2011, roughly 4 in 5 adults used social media, and a majority of those were voters. (82%) 88% OF ALL ADULTS RECEIVE MOST OF OF INTERNET USERS RECEIVE MOST OF THEIR ELECTION NEWS ONLINE. THEIR ELECTION NEWS ONLINE. VOTE Big Expectations for Candidates Social Media and News Consumption This time around, a majority of voters expect presidential candidates to Nearly two-thirds of social media users ages 18 to 34 will be taking to social sites to learn about candidates in 2012. maintain a presence on social media. OF ALL SOCIAL MEDIA USERS WILL USE 62% 51% EXPECT CANDIDATES TO HAVE A SOCIAL MEDIA TO LEARN ABOUT CANDIDATES SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE. IN THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. Expectation by Age Group Expectation by Age Group 69% 60% 57% 52% 62% 49% 46% 40% 18-34 35-47 45-54 55+ 18-34 35-47 45-54 55+ WHERE POLITICAL AD BUYERS WILL SPEND THEIR MONEY ON SOCIAL: Social Media and Political Spending 92% 46% Digital ad spending for U.S. political campaigns has 31% 23% doubled since the 2010 midterm elections. So where are they targeting 2012 voters? Facebook reigns, with the largest share of digital ad spend. You Tube facebook twitter Linked in 8+ SOURCES: EMARKETER, DIGITAS, HARRIS INTERACTIVE, PEW INTERNET, STRATA Twitter @mdgadvertising

The Social Campaign: The Growing Reach of Social Media’s Election Impact

shared by MDGadvertising on Jan 30
Social media played an astounding role in the 2008 presidential election and demonstrated the emerging impact of social media on politics. These platforms enabled people to learn and share about the e...


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