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The Money Trail

The Edge Multimedia gallery Find our News Illustrated pages, interactive graphics, News Illustrated games and more at 56% $2 S2.2 milion 17% $2. SZL milton $9. . million Percentage of more money raised by Democrats for their candidates than Republicans or Independents. South Florida raised more money for Meek's campaign thanany other from PACS, the most contributed metropolitan area in the state. of Meek's contributions came Rubio raised more out-of- state money than Meek or Crist. Crist raised more in-state money than Rubio or Meek. to any of the three campaigns. :Percent numbers may not add up to 100 due to rounding. ABOUT THIS CHART Bars are sized according to the percentage of contributions. Individual contributions: $5.88 million (7796) Other seven Republican candidates: $0.4 million Political Action Committees $1.29 million (17%) Individual contributions: $16.5 million (92%) Democratio Party. $43,100 (196) PACS: $0.8 million (4%) Other: $0.38 million (5%) Other 15 candidates: Other 10 Democratic candidates: Party & personal: S52.362 (196) $83,954 $33.2 million* "Total includes all indvidual, party. PAC and other contributions for al remaining candidates since 2009. Other: $0.8 million (49%) Individual contributions: $12.51 million (93%) PACS: $0.61 million (5%) Other: $0.23 million (2%) Kendrick Meek: $7.6 million (19% of total Democrat money) Marco Rubio: $18.2 million (98% of total Republican money) Charlie Crist: $13.4 million (99% of total other money) DEMOCRATS: REPUBLICANS: OTHER: $40.8 million $18.6 million $13.5 million Campaign contributions All total, the three top candidates for Florida's open U.S. Senate seat have raised about $24 million for their campaigns since 2009. A look at where the money is coming from. As of Oct. 13, $72.86 million was raised for Florida's U.S. Senate campaign since 2009, making it the most expensive Senate campaign in the nation this year. See how much money flows in and out for each of the three top candidates. THE MONEY TRAIL Campaign spending As of Oct. 13, about $67.4 million has already been spent, or 92% of total money raised. Of the three candidates, Rubio has the most cash left, at $2.4 million. DEMOCRATS: REPUBLICANS: OTHER: Other money $2.2 million $38.3 million $16.2 million $12.9 million Remaining total cash: $3.3 million Meek: $5.2 million Rubio: $15.8 million Crist: $12.8 million Other Democratic candidates: $33.1 million Other Republican candidates: $0.4 million Others: $01 million 57% 50% SOURCES: Federal Elections Commission: BELINDA LONG-IVEY/SUN SENTINEL BPLONGESUN-SENTINEL.COM Democrats have spent more on this race than Republicans or independents. of all money spent has been from Meek, Rubio and Crist. ELECTION 20 10 For more information on the elections, visit Sun-Sentinelcom/elections

The Money Trail

shared by karbel on Nov 26
Data visualization explaining the campaign contributions and spending in the 2010 Florida U.S. Senate race.


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