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Countdown to 2012

Explore an interactive Mayan calendar and countdown News Illustrated clock at COUNTDOWN TO 2012 Some theorists believe Dec. 21, 2012, spells doomsday 10. Pop for the world based on a system of calendars developed THE HAAB CALENDAR 9. Pop by the Mayan civilization more than 2,300 years ago. This calendar is based on the solar cycle similar to the Gregorian calendar used today. The Haab has 18 months of 20 days and five nameless days called the wayeb, totaling 365 days. НААВ 8. Pop Mayan calendar DAYS AND MONTHS 7. Pop A Mayan date uses multiple calendars based on observations of the sun, moon and stars. The names, numbers and months are like rotating gears that interlock to create different combinations. The Maya carved their calendar symbols called glyphs into stelae, or stone monuments. Sek Xul Sotz Yaackin Sip 6. Pop Wo TZOLKIN Tzolkin Mol Рop Chen DETAIL AREA НААВ Wayeb MONTHS This 260-day calendar, used primarily in crop rotation, has both names and numbers for the days. The cycle of names repeats every 20 days, while the cycle of numbers repeats every 13 days. 5. Pop Yax Kumku Sạc Haab Kayab 4. Pop Keh Рах How it works O The calendar begins with the alignment of the first day and the number 1. Then it rotates to number 2 and the second name, and so on. Muwan Kankin Mak NAMES SYMBOLS Cimi 3. Pop Pop (mat) Manik Chicchan Number Day Lamat Kan Rotation Wo 2. Pop (black conjunction) Muluc Akbal 2 Ik Sip (red conjunction) 1. Pop Oc Ik Akbal NUMBERS Dot = one / Bar = five Sotz Chuen (bat) All months The numbers rotate to 13 and Imix 0. Pop GA begin with a "0" day Sek restart, while the names continue. Eb Ahau 4. Wayeb Unknown 12 Xul Ben 3. Wayeb (dog) 13 Ben Cauac Yaxkin (new sun) IX Eznab 2. Wayeb 1 Ix Men Mol Caban Cib When Imix and the number 1 meet (water) again, 260 diferent combinations, or unique days, will have passed. 1. Wayeb Chen (black storm) THE CALENDAR ROUND 0. Wayeb Yax The Tzolkin and Haab calendars make up the Calendar Round, which was used to keep historical records. The Calendar Round creates 18,890 unique days, a time period of 52 years. (green storm) 19. Kumku Sac Number Day Haab day, month Haab day, month (white storm) The Haab First day of the year rotates from zero and Pop. the first month, for 365 days. Last day of the year gs 18. Kumku Keh 1 Imix O Pop 4 Wayeb (red storm) then restarts at zero and Pop. 17. Kumku Mak C (enclosed) 2 Ik 1 Pop O Pop 16. Kumku Kankin (yellow sun) DEC. 21, 2012 glyph THE LONG COUNT 15. Kumku Muwan The Long Count, a continuous count of days, includes a 5,125-year era called the Great Cycle. The current cycle began in 3114 B.C. and ends on Dec. 21, 2012. Theorists believe the end of the Great Cycle means the end of the world. The Maya believed the world continues after the end of cycles, which is a time of celebration. (owl) Introductory glyph 14. Kumku Pax (planting I time) DEC. 21, 2012 (Typical Mayan date shown) 13. Kumku Кayab (turtle) Long Count Tzolkin date Haab date O Katun 13 Baktun 4 Ahau 3 Kankin Kumku 12. Kumku (granary. storage place for grain) O Tun O Unial Baktun Katun Tun Unial Kin (one baktun (one katun (one tun = 394 years): 1 to 13 = 20 years): O to 19 1 year) O to 19 (one unial = 20 days): O to 17 (one kin = 1 day): O to 19 11. Kumku Wayeb (five unlucky days) O Kin Tzolkin date: 4 Ahau 10. Kumku TODAY'S MAYAN DATE March 22, 2009 10 Lamat 11 Kumku TIME REMAINING 1,369 days Haab date: O 3 Kankin Sources: How Stuff Works, Maya Exploration Center, MCT Karsten Ivey SUN SENTINEL

Countdown to 2012

shared by karbel on Nov 26
Infographic explaining the parts of the Mayan Calendar and how it works.


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