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The Modern Soldier - A cost of Nearly $1mil Dollars

1 The Modern $oldier A cost to the U.S government of nearly $1mil a year Guns and Equipment The U.S Government spends around $28,000 per soldier on equipping them with the weapons and equipment to fight the enemy, every year. Technology, Research and Vehicles This cost is $300,000 per soldier, per year. This accounts for all the warships, research and development, tanks , missiles and technology implemented for warfare. Training and Salary The cost to train a soldier in Afghanistan is around $175,000 and the average salary for a soldier with 4 years experience is $30,000. • Oil By far the most expensive cost for the U.S government for a soldier in Afghanistan is the cost of fuel. It costs a staggering $350,000 per year to deploy and maintain a soldier in the hostile operating environment of Afghanistan. Therefore, the soldier in Afghanistan currently costs the U.S government an astonishing $883,000 per year (2013). To put that into perspective, here are the cost figures for America's previous wars. W The Cost Of One Soldier In Today's Money Troop Count And Cost Per War $IMI Afghanistan War $883,000 Per Soldier $750k Vietnam War $132,000 Per Soldier World War I| 12 Million Troops Total Cost: $810 Billion Second World War $67.000 Per Soldier $500k Vietnam War 790,000 Troops Total Cost: $104 Billion $250K Afghanistan War 100,000 Troops Total Cost: $642 Billion 1945 1968 2013 Afghanistan War + Iraq War Total Cost: $1.5 Trillion YOAFMY.CO.UK

The Modern Soldier - A cost of Nearly $1mil Dollars

shared by saulable on Jul 18
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This is my info-graphic I made after reading about the alarming cost that it takes the U.S government to actually send and deploy a troop in Afghanistan. This is the most expensive War in History, so ...




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