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The Billion Dollar-o-Gram

The Billion Dollar-o-Gram 2009 figures O Giving O spending O Fighting O Accumulating o Owing Losing O Earning *estimated $300 To lift 1 billion people out of extreme poverty $726 bn US defence budget $227 African debt $3000 Iraq & Afghanistan Wars total eventual cost $780 OPEC revenue $40 Bill Gatess21 Save net worth Amazon $147 Needed to help developing nations combat climate change $206 Big tobacco settlement $61 China $36 Saudi $60 Iraq War predicted cost 2003 S60 UK $25 India $227 Apple Market Value $226 Microsoft $742 Medicare & Medicaid per year market value $405 Walmart revenue $239 BP revenue OPEC climate change fund $3 $199 Interest per year on US Gov deficit Oil spill cleanup $196 Google Market Value $60 Ebay goods $50 Madoff's ругamid scheme $31 Oil spill fine $13 $13 profit Walmart profits $352 |llegal drugs profits $468 US fund for drug abuse $148 Cost of obesity related diseases $308 Donated to charity by Americans 2008 $371 Wall St Revenue 2009 $825 Global pharmaceutical market (alcohol, narcotics & smoking) 2005 $114 Bonuses $31 Profits $36 $34 Alt games medicine Erectile dysfunction S6 Video $69 War On Drugs $30 UN $41 Beijing AIDS worldwide S120 Foreign aid payments $64 Eradicate $19 $21 Games 2008 $40 World-wide porn industry Anti-depressants Gifts to doctors $9 LHC $11,900 Worldwide cost of financial crisis $19 NASA David McCandless // v2.0// Jul 2010 all figures 2009 unless otherwise stated sources: NYTimes, The Guardian, BBC, CNN and other media reports note: some slight visual cheating to make things fit data:

The Billion Dollar-o-Gram

shared by Kristofferson on Jun 01
This image arose out of frustration with media reporting of billion dollar amounts. That is, that they’re meaningless without context. But they’re continually reported as self-evident facts. 500 b...


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